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 Anybody know any good remedies for anxiety ?
I don't want to go to the doctor & get prescription drugs, I'm looking for natural remedies or cognitive therapy exercises. Any suggestions will be much appreciated....

 Anxiety remedies? I asked yesterday.......
I asked yesterday about remedies for anxiety and many kindly answered suggesting that I take walks, vitamins etc; But I only become anxious at certain points in the day when I have to do certain ...

 Who else here is currently celebrating "420"?

 Is it possible to OD on tylenol?
I am just wondering, tonight I had to take about 5 of them. I hope it is not. Any ideas?...

 Whats the best natural cure for a UTI?

 Can eating marijuana brownies have any negative health side effects?
Can eating marijuana brownies have any negative health side effects?...

 Does anyone know a strong 'natural' anti-biotic?
My brother is on the verge of losing his leg. He had to have ankle replacement surgury. After having the replacement, he broke the same leg just above the new ankle. They had to put pins in it and he ...

 What is the best remedy for a hangover!!??
i went out last night and got a bit drunk... well its self inflicted i know but how can i make my head stop feeling so dizzy and my stomach being so unsettled??...

 Found out my father has stage 4 lung cancer that has spread to the?
brain lymph noides and adrenial gland what alternitive medication would be helpfull and what can i do for him to help him fight this? Statistics show that 14% beat it and i came with truths that he ...

 If i snorted cocaine tonight and tomorrow and tested on auugust 5th with a urine test. would i be clean?
if i drank like 3 liters of watera day too.

what about extacy how long is that sh*t in your system?
Additional Details

 Does anyone know how reliable a chiropractor is?
I'm having trouble with my back. Visited a chiropractor last week and has diagnosed me as having vertebral sublaxation. Basically my spine is twisted and need's correcting. I need a year�...

 Any alternative medicine ideas for long term back pain?
Hello, I have tried chronic pain clinics, some strong meds, accupuncture, exercise, etc and still have lumbar spine back pain that greatly limits my function. I have bulging discs in L4 and L5 with ...

 Whats good for sore throtes other than medicine???

 What might speed up the healing process?
Broke right kneecap 12/31/05. Still not healed. Am on painpills.
Any ideas to improve/speed healing? Hurts like crazy.
Doctor said the painpills may be slowing down healing time. I'm ...

 Is assisting to suicide a crime? what is YOUR opinion?
don't get me wrong, i never assisted anyone to commit suicide.

this is not a matter of being in favor of it or not. i just thought to ask to know YOUR opinion about the matter.

 How do i get rid of a cold fast?
my neck is acheing,my nose is stuffy,and my throat hurts.what do i do?...

 Does anyone have a homoeopathic remedy for severe earache please?
Taking antibiotics and painkillers, but is there anything else i can do??? Willing to try anything to rid this intense pain!!! Thankyou all ...

 Autism, any new help out there?
how bout the transdermal patches to rid the body of mercury?...

 You dont understand,i have had seizours they took out two golf ball size tunors out of my brain i just wont to
what my rights are.if i have the right to sue or noti mean i did have cancer and i did not know that i had it for 10...

 Im 13 My Friend Is High! What SHould I Do???
Okay one of my bff's AIMed saying she was talking to our friend and that our friend was high [we dont do that stuff but she crack and stuff] and how she drank this special tea with LCD in it and ...

Does Honey help your voice for singing?
honey helps clear voice?

Honey is not the miracle cure trust me. I have friends who have tried it and it didn't work.

Also lemon tea can dry you out if you drink too much!! I also know this from experience. I once had the part of Kaspar in the opera Amahl and the night visitors. I had a terrible cold and couldn't sing past my congestion. I tried honey, lemon tea, lemon juice. nothing worked!!

But if you are talking about helping you overall. learn how to sing using breath support. It will take lessons to learn this but it will be well worth it. Also you must be able to match pitch. Sometimes we forget to mention the obvious, but some people just can't do that and so that makes it much more difficult.

Yes it does, when mixed as a drink with lemon and hot water - great for sore throats and clearing your voice. Pineapple juice is also reccomended to help your singing vioce - a glass before you sing. Never have chocalate or milk before you sing, they congest your throat meaning you can't hit the notes as well as you usually could. Water is also an essential to good singing!! :)

Are you talking about the movie or the food?

if u can bear with HOney it can but if ur throat does not like it...sorry it wont help u at all

yup ask mariah carey thaz all she drinks!!!

yes, honey and lemon juice help especially if you have a cold and need to sing.

I am not sure? I know voice lessons do. :)

Honey helps clearing lungs.Thus it may help voice for singing.

Honey soothes the throat, mix some with warm tea.. warm lemon tea does the same thing too.

to clear congestion or a scratchy throat i sometimes use 1 T honey with 1 T lemon juice. feels good if you warm it up a little first. it might just be the coating effect of it.

ya it do soothes the throat n make it clean n if the throat will be clean the voice will b also clearer....n attractive....


myth. lots of water and rest. don't sing if your throat is sore. it will only make it worse. if you have a proper technique then you won't have to worry about problems with your throat.Drinks lots of water to de phlegm and rest your voice to keep from over use.

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