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Do you know anyone who has been hurt by a chiropractor? Or anyone that felt ripped off after going to one?

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Im not looking for a chiropractor, I would never pay someone to crack my back and put me in danger. Don't you think something is wrong if you've been going to one for so long, and you still need to go? Quacks.

No not personally.
I went to one when the first one came to that town (well city now) and the guy would not even touch my bones.
These people do not help everyone, nor should everyone go to them (I found out anyhoo).
Hope you get satisfaction. They do not hold medical degrees or are under the same guidelines real doctors are, or are they?

I have never heard of a case where it can be medically proven that Chiropractic does anything that can't be done by a good physical therapist. They don't move bones in your back, that is impossible to do by hand. They can't help a cold. Although some people claim relief, most back pain will go away on it's own with time. Discs cannot be moved because they are not solid material. They do bulge sometimes and cause pain. But again most heal on their own. I could go into great detail on 'Doctor" Palmer and his discovery if you like. His first adjustment on a janitor with hearing loss is a scam. The nerves that control hearing never leave the head. How can adjusting the lower back fix the hearing? It can't. How do I know this you ask? 27 years as a Physician Assistant with an Orthopedic group specializing in backs. If I thought it could help my patients I would tell them. Contrary to popular belief, there are some of us who think surgery is the last option and will recommend many other avenues first.

get a clue.
chiropractors don't have 2 year degrees.
I have a 4 year Bachelor's degree and then 4 more years of chiropractic school which gave me my "Dr."
Do you think podiatrists shouldn't be called doctors then as well? or dentists? they have similar requirements.

There is a vast amount of research showing that spinal manipulation is helpful for a variety of conditions, headaches, neck & back pain....

I get referrals from orthopedic surgeons, neurologists, family doctors etc-- I even treat a few of these same physicians.

are you a chiro school flunkie or failed in practice & are just bitter? so sorry.

I went to one and left feeling like I was going to through up! And I had a migraine after, I talked to a couple of my friends and they said that wasn't normal and recommended a different Dr., I went and told the story to the new guy and found out it's not that way and have had good experiences from then on. So if your having a bad experience with one person try someone else, the benefits are wonderful if you really need one and it's worth another try with someone else.

Little Chiro
Why are you asking this question when it's clear that you have such a negative view towards chiropractors? I'm guessing you've seen chiropractors in action &/or done extensive research to be able to make your claims that there is no evidence for chiropractic.

I'm not a chiropractor. However, I am studying my MChiro degree & will be one in several years (then you can call me doctor!) Despite only being in the first year of my degree I can already say I've spent a lot of time in clinics doing observational work. I can tell you that the numbers of people that benefit from chiropractic, after months & sometimes years of getting nothing from doctors & physios is huge!

Contrary to what you may believe, people can often receive pain relief from chiropractic after just a few treatments (depending on the problem) & few people require any long-term intensive treatment. My chiropractor charges £25 per session, certainly cheaper than paying for surgery.

Personally, I've also received chiropractic treatment for sciatica, upper crossed syndrome & used to suffer a lot of hip pain. Now I'm pain free. I choose to go once every few months, just for peace of mind.

Does chiropractic work? I think it does


I have been going to a chiropractor since 2003 and would say it is the best thing that ever happened to me. I have three herniated disk in my neck and when the chiro gets through with me I feel like a milllion bucks. Maybe you need to get on-line and find a good one. Good Luck

Jen D
No. Most people have only good things to say about their chiropractors, and instances of injury are statistically minuscule. In fact, one group, seeking to discredit chiropractors, spent millions in national advertising trying to get a class action suit going for those who had been injured by them. Two years later, they had signed only 227 clients.

I do, however, know many people who have been hurt by surgeons, and many who suffered permanent harm (or death) from prescription medications. In fact, the number of deaths from properly prescribed medications last year was over 106,000, in the U.S. alone.

It seems like common sense to state that it's easier to hurt someone by having them swallow poisons, or by cutting them open, than it is by skeletal manipulation.

Regarding being ripped off, my chiropractor charges less for an adjustment than most people pay for a massage. And he cured my carpal tunnel when the "traditional experts" wanted to cut me open. He also got rid of my migraines, when all my GP had done was prescribe more codeine, making it impossible for me to go to work.

And in response to a previous answer: Chiropractors have four years of college, and three to four years of Chiropractic College. It is an advanced degree, and they are addressed as "doctor."

Nope. In fact a chiropractor was able to help me with chronic sciatica I had for years. It began when I was 15 and other doctors offered me nothing--the very best they had to say was to take some aspirin and lie around hoping it would get better, even an orthopedist and a sports medicine specialist could not help me.

Finally, I went to see a chiropractor next door to where I worked for a different problem, and he worked wonders over time with me. I continued seeing him for many years, even after moving to another state! That was almost 20 years ago and I have very little trouble with that sciatica to this day.

However, there are probably some chiropractors out there that are poorly educated and more of scam artists than anything else. If you are considering one, find one who practices the Atlas-Orthagonal method.

I asked that question to my chiropractor if she's ever hurt anyone and she said no, very seldom do injuries occur. BTW she's one of the most honest & ethical doctors I have ever met.

One time my chiropractor had this guy come in with back pain, the doctor had told him he needed surgery. Well my chiropractor treated him and got him well.

Later the insurance company complained about the number of visits etc. I guess they didn't want to pay for it. Well said Dr. Holmes I saved this man from going through the pain of having surgery !!

And this message for all the people here who are calling the chiropractors quacks:

Yet, the reality is that there are legions of "failed back surgery cases" throughout the world. These individuals are disabled and often desperate. The management of such cases reflects the best, as well as the worst, of the medical community.

Doc. justasinner111
No they are quacks,and messed my back,and neck worse.

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