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 How can i reduce my wrast pain.please tell me i am really hard badly. please!!!!?
the i got is of the marble which directly went inside my wrast and i was unable to stand, walk or do anything....

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 Will some1 tell me in detail what an ENEMA is?

 I have this constant taste of metal in my mouth, what is causing this should I be concerned?

 What is the cure for food addiction?
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 Why have natural medicines NOT been studied with the same rigor as Rx medicines?
So much effort (and money) is put into finding new medicines out of synthetic chemicals as opposed to natural. Why not start with what has "worked" for 100's and 1000's of years? ...

 Any remedy to cure sore throat instantly?
Home-made remedies, if possible. My throat is killing me....

 What is your greatest hangover cure?

Additional Details
haha, and what if you don't have the choice to sleep it off?...

 What if cigarettes made you healthier?
Would you smoke?...

 How can i pass a drug test(urine) using home methods.?

 Ok..I went to a chinese medical place today......?
Coz my neck and shoulder are really hurting and i have lost a bit of mobility on the left side.
the doc wanted to charge me £335.00 for 10 sessions of acupuncture, which she said was very ...

 What is better when consuming "special brownies": a full stomach or an empty one?
I was just wondering. Tried it once on an empty stomach and got really sick so if I ate special brownies on a full stomach, other than the effects being even more delayed, which is better?...

 Can I Buy Sleeping Pills Without a Prescription?
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 Which type or types of energy healing have you found effective?

 Are there some natural ways to help boost energy?
I take vitamins,and sometimes make fruit smoothies ect,what other ways or things can i use to boost energy?...

 What was your experiences with ecstasy ? Please, I need to know ???
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 How much juice can you do before it can harm you?
some wrestlers juice for over 20 years, will it harm me to juice for 5 years straight?
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what kind of juice should i ...

 I think I'm getting PINK EYE, what should I do!?!?!?!?
I think I could be getting pink eye, what can I do to stop it or treat it or whatever? I'm kind of a health nut and try to avoid drugs. Please help.
Additional Details

 Is there any home remedy for sore throat?
also what is the difference between a sore throat and strep throat?and what causes it? for the past few days i've had a scratchy throat and i just woke up with a sore one. i dont want to go to ...

 Marijuana Myths? Weed Makes Your Eyes Lighter? Reduces Acne?
I hear smoking weed can actually change the color of your eyes over time. mainly make them lighter. I know this guy at my old high school who would do it all the time and his eyes actually changed ...

Do herbal cigarettes have health risks?
Just wondered.
Additional Details
I thought logically they don't have tar and nicotine or does inhalling anything mess up your lungs.

all cigarettes have health risks,its just up to you whether you want to take the risk

The Phantom Lord
I'll go with what Andy S said. Herbal cigarettes can be just as bad as regular ones.

If you do, only get the honeyrose light or NTB, as the others taste horrible. Yes they are bad for you, as the only thing in cigarettes that isn't harmful is nicotine, so the herbal cigarettes still contain tar and all the other things.

I had them for the first two days of giving up as I was walking the walls to not have something with a coffee, then I found the Allen Carr book which I would read while drinking coffee and it helped me to not want anything.

The main thing at the moment is to get free of nicotine addiction so if you really need something then do it for a short time, but believe me, they don't taste that good or give you a hit like cigarettes do, so I would stick to nicotine gum.

herbal or the run of the mill cigarettes, are all disgusting

Az R
Nicotine itself isn't the actual substance that messes up your lungs, it in and of itself is relatively harmless, just dependence forming. The tar is actually a product of burning plant matter, as SkepDoc mentions, the lungs are designed for inhaling smoke. Most of the health risks from smoking are from the fact that you're burning something and inhaling the result into your lungs. It doesn't matter what it is, it's the products of combustion that are dangerous. Marijuana, herbs, tobacco, you could smoke wheat germ and it would still be damaging. The method and type of substance smoked only alter the potential damage subtly.

SkepDoc 2.0
The lungs have not evolved to deal with inhaled smoke and particulate matter. Chronic inhalation of smoke can lead to emphysema, infection, or lung cancer.
Burning herbs, tobacco or marijuana....same difference.

"Logically".....any burning plant material has tar and probably several hundred other chemicals and gases and particulate matter. FYI, nicotine isn't dangerous or a carcinogen...it's just the addictive chemical.


Every time you inhale smoke, you put your health at risk. The source of the smoke in this case is various herbs, those are plants and they release chemicals when burned.

Me Mosa
Any time you inhale any smoke...whether from tobacco or a house that's burning down or even herbal blends...you run the risk of lung damage.

Smoke + Lungs = bad

Andy S
only heart disease, emphysema, lung cancer, and death

Dr Frank
There is little long term evidence about their safety, but what little exists suggests that they are at least as toxic and dangerous as conventional tobacco! They boast no nicotine, but of course it is the tars from burning organic material that causes the damage, the nicotine feeds the addiction

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