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 Have you found herbal remedies for sleep any good?
Ive been taking "Kalms sleep" for the last few nights and they seem t have helped a lot but im wondering if that may be a placebo effect and wear off in a few nights?


 What's the fastest acting poison to take with no pain?

Do all teas have antioxidents?


Not all of them, some herbal teas don't.

Green teas the best, not all have those properties

ericabishop691 is coping well
not all of them do.


Rachell C
No, they don't all have antioxidents. "Tea" is really only a term for soaking something in water to extract the soluable product from a primary substance. If the primary substance doesn't contain antioxidents, the tea won't either. :-]

Armando Q
yes...wether they're caffeinated or decaff teas remain a powerful antioxidant...second however to V8 splash which has about 100% in each serving of juice.

if you want to know what level of antioxidants a product has, ask for the ORAC score. People should get about 3,000-5,000 Orac score daily.

blueberries are a great source! I use a multivitamin that has a score of 8,000! antioxidants are great for the prevention of heart disease and cancer.

Shannon T
No, not all of them.

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