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Do Hot Toddy's Really Help a Cold?

Hot Toddy's help w/ everything!!!

j/k... I don't think they're really going to help... you might feel better & they might clear you up temporarily. I really recommend Thera-Flu... it tastes AWFUL! But it really does help. Save the booze for a celebration when you start feeling better.

Yeah. Even better: Plantation Mint Tea (Bigelow's) made real strong with plenty of sugar and a shot of jack black!

Need help pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez
it might a little bit the thing is a cold will go away there is no really medicine that will make it go away
my advice is to wait till it goes away

Nope! They just make you not care about it. :)

Yes, they do. The bring the phlegm out, and make you sweat the fever..

helps me, I stop caughing, my throat feels better and I sleep great!

They don't actually help the cold but they DO make you feel better.

No, They just warm up the person because of the alcohol content. Alcohol makes a person feel warmer. It will also relax you but will do nothing for the cold. Instead, take vitamin c, sleep well, drink lots of water and relax.

No, they don't help with stuffy nose, and congestion, but they do help to stop a cough.

NOTHING really helps a cold go away any faster. You may as well make yourself as comfortable as possible. Be sure you're getting plenty of rest and fluids (like water and juice) in addition to the toddy. Your body needs the rest and fluids so it can fight off the cold. Everything else just helps make you comfy so you can rest.

They won't help you get over it necessarily, but they will make you feel better, more relaxed, and able to rest, which will probably help in your recovery.

No, not really. It's psychological, you think you're getting better because it relaxes you and warms you up. The shot of lemon juice in it supposedly gets Vitamin C into you but you'd get more Vitamin C just drinking a glass of cold orange juice.

If you're diabetic or on medications that you're not supposed to have alcohol with, then you could actually be harming yourself taking the "hot toddy."

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