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Curing trush on newborn tongue naturally (natural remedies)?
heard about gentian violet how can i use it and in which part is it harmful to babies?

Gentian Violet will work against Thrush (in the baby's mouth), in many cases. It seems to have worked for me. For information by Dr. Jack Newman on how to use it, see http://www.erols.com/cindryn/6.htm. It's a very very messy stuff, but a bottle costs about $2 or $3 and will last for many treatments, and for a handy antiseptic treatment, similar to mercurachrome, for scratches and scrapes later on. You'll have to call around to find a pharmacy that actually carries it.

I don't know where you live but you can try buying Miel Rosada at the nearest spanish pharmacy or Botanica. It is the best remedy yet. You apply with a q-tip twice daily for about 10 days. Presto it's gone! Good Luck
PS- Remeber to get rid of all pacifiers and bottle nipples and replace with new ones!

Nurse CJ Rotelle
Yes, I would not use the violet on a newborn. Thrush is normal for newborns and will go away in time. If you are very concerned, take the baby to the ped for medical advice.

-Look into Kefir Making, this can be made at home from organic milk, and has high concentrations of probiotics that kill Candida Albicans {the yeast that causes oral thrush on the tongue}.

-A tablespoon of Colloidal Silver, will kill Candida Albicans. You can buy Colloidal silver in spray bottles for this purposes, as well as for topical applications.

-A good probiotic supplement, specially made for oral thrush in babies is called Biocare’s Bifidobacterium infantis.

-Extra Virgin Cocconut Oil - This is the best, non invasive, and pleasant for newborns. This is a natural antifungal, and consists of Capryllic acid which kills candida, an additional benefit is that EV Cocconut Oil consists of medium chain fatty acids, which are the same as those in breast milk. 1 - 4 teaspoons per day, preferably before feeding.

I would advise that you stay away from homeopathic remedies, personally i don't believe it works, as my dad is a homepath, and i am familiar with the field. Also be cautious of using natural antifungals, like Oil of Oregano, Garlic, Olive Leaf Extract, Pau De Arco, as these may be a bit harsh for a new born.

Hope this helps, the above suggestions should do the trick; If oral thrush persists, please seek advice from your pharmacist and./or doctor, you will need Nystatin antifungal drops, or a gel to fight the oral thrush.

natural probiotic yoghurt. take probiotics yourself if you are breastfeeding her and they will help her too.

a homeopath or herbalist would be able to prescribe something more specific.

Bicarbonate of Soda is by far the best remedy for it...just dab a small amount on the white areas and it will go away in no time...

Take your baby to the Doctor.

Dr Frank
Don't try and second guess the medical profession and put your child at risk. Gentian Violet has been banned for human use for years as it is now known to be carcinogenic!

See you GP, Midwife or Health Visitor and get some Nystatin oral suspension. it is suitable for newborns and has a safety profile that goes back nearly 50 years!

ginadee724 should be shot for her answer which is just plain dangerous!!!!!

If you are breastfeeding, you need to remember to apply to your nipples whatever you decide to use in the baby's mouth as the nipple can harbor and reintroduce the yeast to the baby, over and over again.

Janet S
My first line of defense would be to give the baby probiotics. One way, if you are breast feeding is to take them yourself. If he's taking a bottle, you can add them to his milk or whatever he's drinking. Only use a probiotic formula designed especially for babies.

Gentian violet is safe, however, used in a 1% solution, which is probably what you'll find at the pharmacy. Yes, it has been banned from animal feed and constant, long-term use is carcinogenic, but so is grilled food if one were to eat it 3x daily and always char it. Wikipedia says, "It is generally considered safe for use on children and breastfeeding mothers. It has even been applied to the mouth and lips of premature infants, and has a long history of safe use." Just use Violet until the symptoms subside - 4 or 5 days. Even LaLeche League recommends it.

All of the baby's bottles, nipples, pacifiers or chew toys need to be sterilized to kill the Thrush.

Good article on Gentian Violet for Thrush: http://www.lifelearning.org/2006/03/06/home-treatment-for-thrush-in-nursing-moms-and-babies/

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