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sxy latina XXX
Cranberry juice and thrush!?
Whenever someone has thrush apart from using cream people say to drink cranberry juice.How the hell does that help??xx

cranberry doesnt help thrush it helps cystitus. it can atually feed thrush with its high acid content.

you need acidophilis to help with thrush

God I love Yahoo Answers! Its more human than Wikipedia.
Every time I log in I learn umpteen new things to store away for future use and share.
If cranberry juice is good against infections, I guess its good to boost the throat against sore throats and colds too?

Cranberry juice is good for urine infections, no thrush!
Use natural yogurt if you don't want to use the normal creams.

Never heard that one. Cranberry juice has a substance in it that coats bacteria and makes it easier to pee them out when you have a bladder infection, but I think that would be an especially uncomfortable choice of beverage in one with a sore mouth.

something to do with the natural chemicals and enzymes in the cranberries...help to calm the indection.

i thought it was for use when you have cystitis (and it does work for that)

rita g
dont know but my sister swears by it.

Drinking cranberry juice or taking freeze dried cranberry pills (which are available at most health food and supplement stores) help with thrush by combating yeast. Thrush is a form of a yeast infection. If you have it, I am really sorry because I know that it can be painful. Cranberry is also useful in the treatment of urinary tract or bladder infections. It's a very powerful natural antioxidant. Good luck.

Oh no!
It doesn't. Cranberry juice is antibacterial and useful for urinary infections. Thrush is a fungi, cranberry juice is useless against it.

Suzan D
Its not thrush that you drink cranberry juice for its urine infections. t helps with the acid and alkaline in the urine which causes a burning sensation. For thrush applying canestan cream or a pessary and natural youghat really help.
From Suzi a nurse.xxx

I thought it was cystitis it's good for?
Thrush people tend to recommend live youghurt on a tampon (it really does help!)

oh its the best thing... cranberry juice encourages those bad bacteria that are in your body to exit! it really does work! better than any drug trust me!

pretty sure they stop the bacateria from attaching to any part of your body, whether the infection is internal or external, hence removing the bacteria...plus it contributes towards ur daily water intake as well so it can help ur skin as well as any infections!

its live yoghurt for thrush... eating it helps... its the bacteria in it that helps with the fungal infection...

as stated before... cranberry juice is for bladder infections.

cranberry juice is great for bladder disfunctions.. one of it's properties apparantly.. you can buy it in tablet form, like royal jelly or garlic.. i just whack orange juice in with it to make it taste bearable :D

Cranberry is usefull for cystitis, not thrush.

cranberry - for cystitis.
for thrush? well, the insane itching will be relieved by an old remedy. take a small amount of TREX - yes, trex - the white vegetable-derived fat. Hope you are in the UK as you wont know what I'm talking about. The Co-op sells it. Biocare (Birmingham) also sells a product that is excellent and natural - however, its main ingredient is very similar to Trex. So try that - it's also very cheap.
you should get to the bottom of why you have thrush though. Read books on candida and how to eliminate an overload of it.

by the way - loads of people think "ooh, I'll drink cranberry juice for my cystitis" and end up buying 'cranberry drink' instead - which is either full of sugar or sugar substitutes. The sugar is very helpful if you'd like to make thrush even worse...

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