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Cold symptoms?
I have a cold...does anybody know a natural way to get rid of the burning sensation in my nose?

mks 7-15-02
Go To The Doctor

The Immune Boost- a proprietary mixture of (“Thyme, Peppermint,Lemon Tea Tree,Eucalyptu), and“Clove Bud brewed into a tea and drink also you can just inhale the herbs once you brew them as vapourizer. You can find all this ingredients a your local grocery store. History indicates that the use of these essential oils help to support and stimulate the immune system.*
this is a natural remedy used by my family it really works. Good luck

echinacea is supposed to help
also humidifiers, assuming you have hot air heaters

Shelly t
When I start to get a cold I take the vitamins lysen & zinc. vitiamin c can be great but can cause cold soars. which are cured by lysen I may have spelled that wrong but easy over the counter to find.
As for the burning in your nose. I would try a cold med you should only have a running nose or stuffed up nose. if it continues you really should see a doc. You could have an infection.

take a shower

a good nose spray always helped me,but i made sure to get it a little warm,couldnt stand it real cold.

Fabio D
take a cool bath under the shower, and much orange juice, lemonades, try to sleep without so many sheets

stream from a shower or you can buy that saline nose spray its all natural.

Lab Accident
Take about 500 mgs of Vitamin C each day
Snort saline solution into your noze. This will help the burning. Don't take those over the counter cold medicine things unless you have to work and can't sneeze/cough all over everyone at your work.

AIR BOURNE. It can be purchased at any grocery store or pharmacy. Its all natural anti-oxidant enhancer with lots of vitamin c, it cures the cold as soon as you feel it coming on.

saline your nose, then rub some camphor chapstick under it

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