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I'm asking this out of pure curiosity....

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>: (
Can you smoke certain "kitchen herbs" as drug alternatives?
i know there is a legal herb sage-- sage (sage divinorum... or something like that) is able to give marijuana-like affects. common sage doesn't work (does it?). it costs a lot though for like a gram. how much is a gram of this stuff? is it that light-weight? is it worthy for smoking in such a short period of time (i'm guessing)?

what about kitchen herbs (preferably dried) like thyme, rosemary, savory, basil, or bay leaves or whatever else you all know or whatever else is out there?

know any good websites? things i can do?

i smoke weed. So don't bash me for it or tell me otherwise. i know.

can you answer any of the posed questions?
Additional Details

courtney s
well i think you can. but smoking ether way is still bad for you

Common grass

boy your desprate i don't think any thing in your kitchen will affect you like pot i heard a roumor about banna peal but i knoe nothing about it

drink a marjoram based tea it will help you quit smoking if you really want to quit

Sure, it will cause lung scarring, which occurs regardless of what you smoke!

aero girl.
well no effense or anything dude, but not something you should probably asking on website that has gillions of people on it every second

Future Mrs.Cook
no dont do that that will seriously mess you up. ima get on my soap box and just let you know that the smoke from weed will damage your lungs. my dad smoked it for YEARS and now he has emphazema in both lungs at 45 and cannot work. so just think about that when you get high. and im not judging you b/c i tryed it and my fiance used to do it unitl he saw my dad in teh hospital almost dead so yah.


yoda the twentysecond
why not just take your mom's librium or prozac?

Salvia is nothing like marijuana and not good if youre a recreational user. I've used salvia before (x40 extract) and it is very different from marijuana. Unfortunately there are no herbs in your moms kitchen to take so either stick with the weed, try salvia and see if its for you, or man up and take a bump.

Well, a few months ago a friend of mine sold a guy an ounce of oregano, but he said it was pot. The guy didn't see too much of a difference I guess.

But hey, good going for the drug-free thing.

Your question intriqued me...so me & hubby are now about to smoke some basil & italian seasonings while the pot of speghetti is cookin. After we're done, we'll probably have the munchies so our son better hurry home, or we'll eat the whole damnPot.

i wish

Dont know about smokable herbs but will watch this space with interest!

I do know however that eating copious amounts of nutmeg will send you trippen!! very similar to mushrooms!! Makes u pretty crook though.

Who's sarcastic?
A friend and I tried to smoke a teabag once in the absence of anything else fun to do, however, that was a big mistake. Kitchen herbs will not make you high. Don't bother.

tricia r
Damiana leaf has been smoked in Africa as an aphrodisiac a long time and is usually sold as tea in health stores and on line.

I personally smoke it as a tobacco alternative to quit smoking.
I would not say it gets me high though.

I wish there was something in my kitchen that did that : )

jennifer l
You can smoke any herb you want. The most you will get is a headache and a fragrant home.

I heard about nutmegs, but I'm not sure... how would u smoke it anyway?

are you that cheap? just stick to weed, geez.

Augustine. Figurine.

Seriously, they have a GREAT database on all sorts of drugs.

Big Mama
Common kitchen herbs, no. All you get is a headache. Try a catnip tea. It will make you a little woozy and drowsy, but that's about it. Otherwise just stick with weed and stay in the house!

I believe if you could get high from smoking kitchen herbs, they would outlaw them.

The girl is a geek.
I think what you are talking about is salvia:


There is also khat...but it is illegal for people to import it, so hard to find.


Have fun!

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