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dr. ruth
Can you get sick from drinking piss? Even if it is your own?

Nova F

someone else asked this once....your own is safe, others...not so much

Common Sense
No,a glass or two of piss will not make you sick..
Normal urine is a pretty sterile liquid..
I believe there is a Yogic tradition that has one drinking
his first urination of the morning...

U already are sick. Dont you get plenty of water in your area ?

If you drink too much you can.

Urine (When fresh) is 100% sterile.

Why the hell would you want to?

It's how they use to whiten their teeth in the country that most of you on here come from by way of your ancestors.Yeah,your ancestors drank piss.

No you cannot.. to survive in the desert or whatever with no water you can drink your urine once to stay hydrated but not twice

Big Will
what do you think urine is, its the WASTE in your body coming out....

Yes, even if its your own. Drinking urine is not good, even if you're dying of thirst and have nothing else to drink. There is a reason why your body is getting rid of it, and it doesn't need to be introduced back into your body.

drinking your own urine is actually called "urine therapy", and must be consumed right away, collected in a sterile jar.
lots of vital minerals etc are excreted and this way you drink them back in. obviously, do not consume your urine if you have a bladder or kidney infection, flu or are sick in general!!!

Urine is the body's waste. It's what the body doesn't want in it anymore. So I would have to go out on a limb here, but yes, it can make you sick. Whether you just get sick to your stomach and vomit, or you get something far worse, I can't say.

Have you tried this lately? I'm guessing plain ole' tap water would have been fine. You could even add a little lemon for some flavoring!!

It is widely known that the urine is toxic, that is why the body wants it out. It contains toxins and acids that you can get your stomach sick quite badly if you drink it. And if you have an urinary infection on top of everything you can make it even worse to your body by drinking it. Sweat is also a mild type of urine, would you lick your armpits after a work out?

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