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 How would i know if i have intestinal worms?
Does anyone know of any herbal products that would rid of them completely not just the eggs? Ive heard alot that herbal meds dont work as good and take way to long, but the fda stuff is bad for you....

 Can anyone give me alternative resources for end stage liver disease or where they can be located.?
Doctors have no compassion!!! Just take another pill. If you have Medicare or Medicade just let them die, so there is one less person the government has to pay thier expences!!!...

 Have you encountered anyone who has healed themself of cancer???
using alternative forms of medicine without chemo or radiation?...

 Should doctors be trained in complementary & alternative medicine?
need lots of infor AFFIRMATIVE & NEGATIVE asap. please!! [answerer with most factual opinoin and evidence gets my vote :) ]

thankss! :)...

 What are some natural remedies to insomnia?

 How to become a good doctor.?
i m a medico & want to b a good doctor and serve people. please suggest your ideas....

 Does anyone know a sure fire way to dissolve kidney stones short of surgery?

 What is bella-donna 200c homeopathic medicine?

 What is your opinion on Herbal Medicines?
For me it's just an aid but not a cure......

 Are there any known home remedies for a ulcer on the leg as a result of a bite from a brown recluse spider?

 Does weed have anything to do with me not being able to shed the pounds?

Additional Details
For all you smarty pants, I work out every day. My question should have been involved in THC being stored in fat. ...

 Looking for a healthy but effective alternative to mosquito/insect repellents. Needs 2 B available in Canada.
Whenever I step outside the house in the warm months, I get attacked by mosquitos and other "invisible" bugs which leads to painful swelling and itching. Looking for healthy, effective ...

 WHAT are some of the best home remedies that you know?

 Why does drinking tea?
bind iron cuse alot of us drink it
Additional Details
well i drink alot of tea but i have ordinary tea pg tips will that do any harm ...

 What's a lukewarm bath?
I have a fever and i know a lukewarm bath ...

 Does Anyone Know Of Any Good Money Spells?
anything will ...

 When your in the mood?
How many do what ya gotta do?...

 Our school is recommending meds for hyperactivity, any alternative to diet or meds?
2/3rds of an elementary school has kids on meds already

we are concerned that by starting this process, we can't stop it thanks to laws that put docs and schools in charge once on a ...

 Is ther any natural anti depressant that could be taken instead of pills? a fruit, a herb, any food or drink?

 Does spicy food really cure the common cold?

Can you get addicted to cough drops?
Because if so, I think I might be addicted to them.

I eat about 7 a day, even without a cough or a sore throat...

Oh definitely.. I think you can get addicted to anything... even cough drops!

yes - they contain sugar, amongst other nasties. Theobromine is also addictive.


You can get addicted to a cough syrup or cough drops or anything to supress coughs.

Yes you can get addicted to cough drops. But if you read the labeling on the package it might say that you could raise your risk of heart-attack.

Yes u can

Princess Katie
yes i think i am addicted

i did..because of the sugary taste and the menthol or fruity taste..trust me buddy you'll get sick of them after so.

yes you can get addicted to anything.

I feel you are addicted to cough drops too because you say that you eat 7 a day and you don't are not coughing or having a sore throat.

I think the more correct word is HABIT. Eating cough drops has become a habit for you. Your body is not in NEED of the drops, so it is not accurate to say you are addicted.

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