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Can vitamin d be absorbed through window glass?

yeah i suppose so.

Yes! Sunlight stimulates our bodies to produce vitamin D and Yes, you can get it through window glass. My son was born jaundiced, and was in need of natural vitamin D from the sun. The pediatrician suggested, since it was winter and I couldn't always take him outside, to put him in front of a window so he could catch some sun! It worked!

Vitamin D isnt absorbed at all. As sunlight hits your skin (which it does through glass) your body makes vitamin D.

To add ontop of what others have said: VITAMIN D is not a vitamin at all. Vitamins must bo obtained from sources outside of the body or from bacteria inside the body. Vitamin D is actually a Hormone. I call it Hormone D. : P

You don't HAVE to have direct sunlight exposure, says science, so you can create the D hormone through exposure like that which comes through a clear glass.

...however, it's a low amount your body creates when you receive a low amount of sunlight. Direct contact with sunlight is MUCH more effective. Go outside and you'll never have a problem.

David S
The body absorbs UV rays and uses them in a process to manufacture Vitamin D.

Because glass tends to block UV, you will not stimulate Vitamin D production standing behind glass.

Also, if you have dark skin, you will convert less sunlight into Vitamin D. Interestingly enough dark skin also protects Folic Acid in the blood stream so there's a clear survivability advantage if you're out in the open because lack of Folic Acid leads to severe birth defects.

As others have said - probably not. You need UVB radiation, which glass will block.

But if you're worried about not getting enough, why not just eat some: use D-fortified milk or something similar. You don't *have* to make your own.

And don't overdose - some vitamins can be deadly if you have too much


The answer is yes, regular clean window glass does not filter out uv light. This why household furnishings will fade over time with regular glass. Now the trend is toward low E glass. This glass has a layer of sputtered metal and this effectively filters out UV light so this glass will not work for creating vit. D.

There is no vitamin D in the air. It's the reaction of your body to the energy of the sun. Glass won't stop the process unless it is filtered.

Go out in Sun pl.


Vitamin D is produced inside your own body by the effect of the UV in the sun's light shining on your skin.

Strangely enough you cannot produce Vitamin D from light shone onto your skin through a window. The UV light that you need does not pass through the glass.

Dorothy and Toto
The sun doesn't emit vitamin D. Our bodies manufacture it, and sunlight stimulates our bodies to make it.

Light through glass sometimes filters out the ultraviolet, which is what triggers the production of vitamin D.

Alison P
No. you have to be fully exposed to the sun. The amount of vitamin d that is soking up is so little that you might as well get the organic supplement. Hope this helps.

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