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jaooo f
Can u pass a drug test by drink green tea?
my friend is about to start a job in 2 day and he quit pot but he smoke a half oz befor he quit. if you drink green tea can he still pass a drug test and if not what can he do he got 48 hour

Willian G
Ha. This made me laugh. I just finished talking about this with my friends and here it goes again.

Simple answer. The only way to not detect drugs in your body is to have no blood.

With a single blood test, you are cought. So yeah, drink all the tea you want, become green if you must, wait a time if you want, you'll still get caught.

tony r
he might be able to

Strawberry Pony
Nope, green tea does not hide the effects of smoking pot. He must not want that job very much. Stupid thing to do, apply for a job get the job, smoke pot, go for drug test, lose job. Pretty simple arithmetic here.

You know how you can pass a drug test??? Don't do drugs... what a freaking concept, huh?

How about NOT doing drugs! The best answer you will ever have!!! But you will only agree with someone with some old myth solution! You made your bed , now lie in it!!

nope... you are out of luck. They will check for drugs but they also check other levels in your blood that will see if you altered anything- so those drinks and stuff that are out there will affect other lab values...

he cant do a thing, green tea wont make a bit of difference.

No, green tea won't help.

You can try drinking coconut water.

Green tea will not work. Drink a lot of water and go to a health food store. They should have a detox section. They have pills, tea , and they have detox juice. Try one of those.

Flood system with Carbohydrate drinks..it seizes up your liver and prevents toxins from leaving your body for about 6 hours.
Red bull only has 36mg of carbs, you need at least 110...good on first pee

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