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Amy W
Can smoking marigolds get you high?

£i††£e §þ@zz
what kind of question is that??? wow, lmao, thanks for the 2 points.

No, they are a flower, they don't have anything in it that can cause you to get high. don't try it, that's just stupid

no, but you'll sure look pretty!

stick to gasoline, but don't smoke it!

Sure, whatever.

Stephen D
No you should never smoke rubber washing up gloves very dangerous

no! it cant get u high, just don't try it.

Why do you want to know? BTW Marigolds do not smell pretty either!

Natalie L
No No No lol!you need to seriously get out more!

i don't think so ... have you tried smoking banana peels dried in the oven ??

Lucas C
nah, but jenkem can...ask a zambian kid!

no but you can synthesize LSD from Fosters Beer.

Why don't you try it.
Are you a flowerchild.

no not at all it has nothing to do with high

desperate are we!?

Don't you have anything better to do??? Why would you want to get high in the first place? Leave the flowers alone!!

Carley S
Smoking Marigolds? To tell you the truth i have no idea but i dont think so.

Barking at the Moon
Why would anyone want to smoke rubber gloves. That stinks

probly not and it may be toxic.... marigolds have natural compounds to repel insects... you should stick to pot

mclovin..... marijuana buds are flowers too

Are you high right now?

lmao....I love it.

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