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Jenny C
Can sitting in the sun while you are sick with a cold make you feel better?

christina R
no it will make you feel worse.You need to stay in doors.

Stay indoors and drink lots of fluids

I think it will because UV rays in moderation are full of good vitamin B, and letting the sun soak in will help to rejuvenate your system. Though, just for comfort's sake, you probably don't want to sit too long and start to sweat... I'm no doctor, but all I know is that it would make ME feel better.

Yes its true sunlight seems to have a healing property

No. It could raise your temp .

Yes it will. The Vitamin D you will get from the sun will most definitely help you. It is best if it is the first morning sun or evening sun though, so its not too intense. Just 10 minutes will do the trick, not more or you will burn. Everyone should do that every day actually.

If you think a cold is only about temperature. Yeah, it will make you feel better. Sunlight will not help a upper respitory infection.

Your skin will absorb needed vitamin D as well as you'll be breathing fresh air instead of the germy air from your room.

yes it makes you feel better.....

I don't think so. Just go to the dr sweetie.

As long as you lather with sun-block I don't think it would hurt - I don't think it would cure you, but, might make you feel better. But, medically speaking - The sun does not cure colds.

It will make you feel better mentally and THAT will make you feel better physically.

The warmth from the sun has made me feel better when I had a cold, although not medically.

~silly star child~
no way and whoever told you that has got no sense, although you may get a good tan! ha ha lol

Yissel s
i dont think so

Yes it can, we need the sun just as much as plants do. Watch animals sometime, like cats, they will sit in the shade when its really hot and go in the sun when it cools off. Drink lots of water.

Christina H
maybe for a little while any longer then that it will just drain you of energy and make you moe tired.

Colds and flu happen most in the winter because we are re-breathing stale, germy air. Sitting in the sun can warm you up to the bone (which is wonderful when you don't feel well) and the fresh air in your nose and lungs will certainly help you to feel better. Add drinking lots of water while you are outside and I would say you will feel much better tomorrow!


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