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Jan B
Can having a massage make you feel unwell?
I had a back massage & the next day I felt a bit off colour even though I drank alot of water

well every massage i have ever had as made me feel great afterwards

i am an alternative medicinal therapist, this includes massage and I can tell you that some patients do feel unwell after this is a sure sign parts of your body have not been working well and are now trying to do so. Your glands and ducts have been stimulated, which is a good sign. the other reason for this feeling is perhaps you have an illness that you have not told your therapist about if so this could be dangerous.Otherwise don't worry, it will go off in a few days.


It is very possible. Often you will get flu-like symptoms if you don't properly flush the toxins from your body that are released during a massage. It is suggested that you drink twice as much water as you normally would, more if you don't drink much water. It isn't uncommon and can happen with any type of massage because of the way it affects your body at every level and in every system.

it sounds like the person you got the massage from didn't know what they were doing. if it was a pro, call them and ask them about your symptoms.

Jan Hello,

Yes it can make you feel funny. Especially if your haven't had one for ages or ever. I am supposing that the person massaging you checked you didn't have any conditions that could be aggravated by massage. If you are a healthy person I wouldn't worry to much. If your ill feeling persists and you are on any medication for serious conditions I would go to your G.P. and get checked out.

Massage is really good for you so as long as everything is ok I would continue to have massage and ask your therapist any questions that you are worried about. And perhaps next time have a home massage and make sure you aren't working the next day.

no but maybe the person doing it may

sheila n chris
that all depends on who gave you it lol

It depends whether the specific massage was right for you personally. there are so many different types of techniques out there catering for a person's specific needs. Maybe yoga could be a safer route to try, unless you are already familiar with this wonderful form of relaxation.

As most therapies involve the movement or flushing out of built up toxins in the body (before you panic...toxins are usually from certain foods...chocolate..drinks and alcohol etc..and everyone has them!!) then yes it is very common for you to feel unwell following a treatment. As long as you had a proper consultation to rule out any contra indications (reasons why you should not have the massage in the first place) then this is quite natural and nothing to worry about....though your therapist should give you an aftercare sheet following treatment which will warn you of possible side effects and procedures to follow to ensure you get the best out of your massage....water is of course the best thing...plenty of rest...light diet. Do hope side effects didn't last too long xx

How can people receive massages? I always get ticklish.

There is a timing element to every good massage outcome. If you're feeling tired, stressed out, confused and problematic, a massage can relax you. That is because a massage relaxes tired nerves, muscles and in the process enhances blood flow to the brain, making us more focused and clear headed. But if there is some sickness inside the body, sometimes without symptom, and you had a massage it can make you feel a bit off colour. So next time, try to time your massage, making it more attuned to your initial body condition. If you feel you're not your regular self, meaning you can sense something seems to be wrong with your body, don't have a massage, it can make you feel unwell.

Absolutely. A massage can displace toxins in your tissues. Although the consequences are not pleasant short term. The overall benefits to your health is well worth it.

absolutely-anything is possible when your body is invaded-the massage releases toxins and also sets off meridian points and the energy of the person massaging you gets transmitted, etc. etc. etc. so you can feel nausea and all sorts of bad reactions from a massage. I have had both exhilarating after-effects and horrific ones.

the lymph nodes are dependent on exercise & movement to cause them to drain. It is possible that the massage caused your lymph nodes to drain; thereby making you feel 'off colour', as you put it.
Keep drinking pure water, & go for a walk for the next few nights or get some other mild form of exercise. This should help your body detox from the buildup of lymph in your system.

Have you heard of being rubbed the wrong way? Thats you. Energy is stored throught the muscles and nervous system. A massage can release some of this energy and you may experience a mini healing. The process of getting better uses up some energy. Its an adjustment. Do some stretching and drink water. Meditate for a while to relax the system. It will pass.

Earl D
I suppose it can, but it shouldn't.

It should make you taller, smater, slimmer, handsomer. But all that wears off by the end of the week.

If it was from someone u didnt know.....u could feel worser.
If the person was thinkin healing thoughts while massaging u, then u should feel better.
But if the person had evil thoughts while massaging u, u may need to lay on ice for awhile to feel better.

a bad massage can make you feel worse. Years ago I was sent to have three massages for my neck and back. It was awful. I went to another person and it made me feel great. Try someone else.

Even though it relaxes you it can leave you feeling drained and exhausted. Other than that, if aromatherapy oils were used, not all of them can be used on everyone. If you take medication or have any medical conditions some cannot be used. just rest and keep drinking the water.It may not even be related to the massage. May be coincidence.

Iam just a newly graduated massage therapist and i agree with Sawyer....it's usually to do with the lymphatic system.. Was the massage done by a proffesional?

yes if the wrong essential oils were used or the massage not done correctly then it would explain your unwell feeling afterwards. be very carefull what oils and massage you are undergoing as some people have adverse effects from the essential oils check what is being used and ask for a full run down of what the effects are in future, good luck lol

Yep, it's all the toxins being released.

sarah h
Your body releases toxins when you are massaged, which is why they want you to drink water, to keep you hydrated and to flush out your system with the toxins being released into it. Drink more water and get more massages, watch what you put into your body and you should be able to flush most of it out!

some of these answers are accurate, some are very misleading. you need to listen to your body and get into a rhythm of knowing when your body has had enough. Manual lymph drainage, when done properly, can even make you feel unwell. When your skin is massaged it stirs up the lymphatic system (lymphatic vessels lying 0.07 mm below the surface of the skin). left over debris from metabolic processes (a short way of saying this - used by complementary therapists - is detoxifying...not totally accurate) are taken up by the lymphatic system and eventually exit your body, all being well.
when you are below par, unwell, diseased etc there can be a build-up of this debris - it can become a little backlogged.
so if a therapist puts their hands over it and starts kneading away, it will stir it up.

It's important to drain the lymph nodes properly so that the body can be properly cleared. I practise massage but also MLD and I now never do a deep massage without completing the treatment with lymphatic drainage (if you don't there is a risk that the lymph wont clear properly - however this is not necessarily the fault of a therapist - just a different technique)

The length of the treatment can be a factor.
Drinking good water helps. Walking in fresh air can. deep abdominal breathing (whilst sitting/lying down) can also be useful to learn (5 times, followed by 5 shallow chest breaths) as it helps lower body lymph to be pumped through the chest to the 'salt cellars' on either side of your neck - where the lymph drains to.

hope you felt better soon. For those of us who have regular massages and yet suffer from various ailments/conditions, this story can be a familiar one.

don't worry -sometimes this side effect is to be welcomed if the debris is being properly drained.

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