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Rick D
Can drinking green tea or any herbal teas cause you to have a dirty urine test?

I guess not. Green tea helps clean your system coz it has antioxidants etc and not give you dirty urine test.

No. Green tea just clears your metabolizam

no, it cleans your digestive system.

Mad Professor
Some herbal teas, such as ginseng, contain stimulants that can show up on drugs tests.

Conversely there are teas that claim to flush out drug traces and produce clean urine. Try putting 'herbal tea drug test' into an internet search.


I thought that drinking teas helped prevent a dirty urine test.

the foolish fox
Green tea, no. "Herbal" teas, it depends there is such a huge number of herbal teas on the market... 99% would not create a problem, but there are some herbs that closely mimick the signatures of certain drugs. Your best bet is to disclose each type of herbal tea you use and don't forget over the counter medicines and herbal supplements.

Many of the "natural" remedies can have undesireable interactions with either one another or with other medications. That is why it is always important to disclose any supplements or medication, including herbal tea.

no, but if you take protonix (the medicine prescribed for stomach problems) you will test positive for THC (marijuana).

no it actually cleans the system out so it would not do that

it should clean out your system---not make it dirty

green tea is used as a diuretic

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