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Can a body bruise after it has died?
No, I'm not a macabre freak or anything, I was considering going to med school and I've been wondering about this for a while.
Does anyone know if a body can get bruised after it has died, either by someone hitting it, or falling or similar? Is there a specific time frame that matters?

not an impact bruise but can get pressure bruises

I don't think so as the blood is no longer circulating, and after rigor sets in, especially. A dr. or med student could tell you, or consult Grey's Anatomy.

Queen D
You can get something which is pressure bruises from the way the body has been laying which is called lividity.

No, a living body is an organic, living thing. When there is an internal injury, the circulatory system will send more blood to an area to facilitate healing. When the heart has stopped beating, blood is going nowhere. It's coagulating and rotting inside the body. It will not bruise.
For the record, you are a macabre freak.

Olive Green Eyes
No, for a bruise to occour, there needs to be blood flow, which, of course, does not happen after death.

gun man
not extensively.

I have alwasy hurt that no it cannot cruise after death..

not a such, but if the body lies in the same position for a while the blood will pool at the lowest point which could look like a bruise.

i dont think it can because you need a blood circulation to bruise i think

yes the body can bruise after death and no it does not have to be becouse someone has banged into it or at the worst becouse sme 1 has hit it. becouse the blood stops circulating around the body this alone can cause bruises in places where u wouldnt expect it to be bruised this is regis mortis apart of the setting of the body and this happens to most bodies that pass away if not to every 1. i hope this answers your ?

Frodette Baggins
I suspect that a body, generally speaking, could be bruised after it has died - but having said that, I think that forensically it would be detectable.
I think that the difference is that the bruising that you are talking about is that the blood would leak from the flesh and that would need a beating heart to force the blood in to the flesh. If the same thing happened without the heart beating, then the blood would only flow into the flesh. It isn't a huge difference - but there is a difference!

Dead bodies don't bleed since the heart is no longer pumping the blood. This is true of bleeding from cutting into the body or from what we usually think of as bruising. The blood does "pool" into the lower area of the body after death and this morbid lividity as it is called can help to determine time of death by the degree of lividity that develops. I might add since you must be old enough to go to med school but have so little knowledge you are probably not a prime candidate.

Gazeygoo is right, but not about the med school bit. No reason you should know about post-mortem bruising in order to be a good student!

There is a phenomenon called "lividity" that causes purple spots in the low spots of a body... basically blood settles there.

There can be continued bleeding into tissue after death, and for a few minutes it could probably be triggered by post-mortem trauma.


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