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Can Vitamin E help scars and sores and help your skin heal?

The idea that applying vitamin E oil to scars can make them heal faster has been circulating for decades. The little research that has been done does not support this claim, though.

In one study, patients were followed carefully after skin cancer surgery (Dermatologic Surgery, Apr. 1999). A moisturizing ointment (Aquaphor) containing vitamin E was applied to part of the scar while plain Aquaphor was applied to the other part. Neither patients nor physicians knew which ointment contained the vitamin E.

The scars treated with vitamin E did not heal faster. In fact, many looked worse. One third of the patients actually developed contact dermatitis (red rash) in response to vitamin E.

Animal studies have shown that supplementing with vitamin E can decrease the formation of unwanted adhesions following a surgical wound. In addition, wound healing was more rapid in animals fed a vitamin E-rich diet than in those fed a standard diet.27 In another study, however, wound healing was inhibited by supplementation with a massive amount of vitamin E (equivalent to about 35,000 IU).28 This adverse effect of vitamin E was prevented by supplementation with vitamin A. Although the relevance of these studies to humans is not clear, many doctors recommend supplementing with both vitamins A and E in order to enhance wound healing and prevent adhesion formation. Typical amounts recommended are 25,000 IU of vitamin A per day and 400 IU of vitamin E per day, beginning two weeks prior to surgery and continuing for four weeks after surgery.

Topical application of vitamin E is sometimes recommended for preventing or treating post-injury scars, although only three controlled studies have been reported. Two of these trials found no effect on scar prevention after surgery,29 30 and one trial found vitamin E improved the effect of silicon bandages on large scars called keloids.31

Mad Roy
See Adelle Davis's book Let's Get Well. She felt it helped in certain situations. Also reference Dr Shutes Vitamin E for Ailing and Healthy Hearts.


Vitamin E help skin cell production so yes.

technical difficulties
a little but long term vitamin e will help with pms, heart function, liver function..

skin tonage along of course with a well balanced diet (food pyramid example)

age and getting some sun will help also.

OH and hydration!

I have used vit E on many scrapes/cuts. But what works even better is aloe vera gel. Be sure it's organic and does not contain fillers. Even better is plant form. If you have one growing just cut off a piece and use the "meat" directly on your cut.

Best of luck!


Why do you ask?
I have always heard that and I used it on my daughter when she burned her leg on a motorcycle. It helped keep the area from drying out and kept the scab on longer. She has a scar, but it is very faint.

Dhaxem Healer
Yes it can. But not always, only if the scars are not infected. Vitamin E supports the tissue repair, but it is not an antiseptic. If your scar is red and seems to be oozing, it would be good to take some zinc, as well. That kills bacteria.

When it comes to sores, these can have many different reasons, and you would have to describe them in quite a detail, in order for anyone to be able to advise on the possible suitability of vitamin E in relation to them.

Kind regards.


yes...vitamin E has helped me with scars and other skin problems...just open a capsule and rub it on...(comes in oil form in capsules)

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