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Best homeopathic medicine for insomnia?
i lost my father in jan in painful condition,,now me unable to sleep witout alpax etc..meditation also not works,pls guide any homeopathic med for same

warm milk.. chamomile tea... ive found that if i do a lot of things during the day to run my energy out, i can sleep very well at night. - physical things, like exercising, working out.


Don't use homeopathy,there's no evidence and Magic isn't real

Dan P
I here a light spray of lavender water on your pillow helps.

udaya k
there is nothing called best homeopathi medicines in homeopathy. The medicines have to be taken according the symptoms presented by you. You should be visiting a homeopathic doctor for getting the right treatment in homeopathy. As far as indicated medicine is concerned, Passiflora Q may be of help to you, if not Ignatia Amara 30.

Shwetha D
Instead a remedy is prescribed for the whole person. Accurate prescribing is essential to the success of homeopathy.

For occasional use as a natural sleeping aid, use 6c strength, repeating every fifteen minutes for three doses. Take 2 tablets and dissolve under the tongue, and repeat for two weeks if necessary.
Some drugs and small smells may impair the benefits of homeopathic remedies. We recommend that you do not use aromatherapy oils in conjunction with homeopathic remedies.

Used for acute insomnia caused by shock, fright, bad news, or grief. Also for fear, anxiety, and restlessness. May be woken by nightmares
Coffea, the homeopathic remedy made from the coffee bean, is very useful in cases of sleeplessness when the mind is awake and working.
If the person is feeling sleepy but unable to get to sleep, if the bed is too hot, or else sleep comes but it is so heavy that the person snores and cannot be roused

Lisa J
So sorry about your father!

You should go to a homeopath who would be able to ask you all the right questions and give you the best medicine for you.

However, if you can't see a homeopath where you live, you could buy Coffea Cruda in 30 CH and take 5 granules one hour before you go to bed. Let the granules dissolve in the mouth and take them at least 15 minutes before or after a meal.

Hoping things will ease up for you.
Lisa J

coffea- 200...

Nandana T Pai
what were the symptoms u had or have when u dont sleep?
what made u start the medication ( was it started just due to the fear of insomnia or as u where having hard time facing the situation)
How has you fathers death effected u ( emotionally, etc) How did u deal it

Did u have this problem before the bereavement.

Can a online prescription from any one (how ever expert be the dr ) cure u without seeing other factors (ur physical features, other problems u have, other medical condition u have, the contributing factors for continuation of "inosmnia"

have u become addicted to the medicine
or is it the sense of insecurity that make u feel that u need that to sleep

Any loss must be give 3 to 6mnts to heal
Best of luck
if can do provide the information if u really want a long standing (side effect free treament ) before taking the medicine consider the other factors asked above

the fact you started with losing your father suggests this is whats keeping you awake...have you considered bereavement counselling to process your emotions etc in a healthy way?pray to him and talk to him...i lost my dad and still believe i have a relationship with him and talk to him regularily...death is not the end just a transition trust in this... and be ok that your dad has gone and needed to go but is still with you.having an active day will help also...chamomile tea lavender etc...improve your sleeping conditions to induce sleep///new pillows duvet etc??do your thinking worrying etc before lying down...make your to do lists etc beforehand...bed is for sleeping not for thinking and worrying:-)

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