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Away fishing and got a tick on my arm pulled head off now arm has a big lump any help and in pain?

Beeg Juan
There is a disorder called Lyme's disease which is transmitted by ticks. If untreated for too long, it can lead to an incurable degenerative disease.
You should get this checked by a doctor.

ahhh that was silly! It's now left its dirty mouthparts embedded in your arm! Go to the doctors and as a precaution, bathe it regularly with hydrogen peroxide solution- this will help to kill the infection that I guerentee is there. But seriously, don't let it get septice cause it will be REALLY nasty!

The tick is still in there put plenty of tea tree oil on it or some other strong ante septic. If it does not improve go to your doctor or out patients

Very Important To Get To A Doctor Immediately Upon Reading This Answer

sheep tic...gotta get it out boy

Fitchurg Girl
It was nice knowing you.
Seriously, get to the emergency room. this can be treated, but if you wait, the effects that occur can be irreversible, if not deadly.

put some neosporin on it with a bandaid and go to the ER to get tested for lyme's diease for pain take a couple tylenol before you leave and let the ER know you took it prior to coming to the ER

Ticks, when pulled off will leave their head still attached. This is probably what happend and now you have an infection. See your doctor for treatment. You DON'T want blood poisoning or a bad infection.

Hello sil,

you need to see a doctor if you think it looks infected!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As you probs already know, when you pull a tick off you just get the body and the head in embedded in the area. If you think its still alive then try getting a match, wet the end and rub it over the place where the tic is embedded, It will let go if its still alive and then you must pull it out with tweezers. If its dead then you probs need to get the debris out of the arm, so go to the chemist and ask them for drawing ointment or their recommendation. Remember to keep the area clean and last but not least POOR YOU THATS AWFUL I HOPE YOU FEEL BETTER SOON

See a doctor to make sure you don't have symptoms of Lyme disease.

go to the docs

you need antibiotics.

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