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alex p
Anyone know a good natural cure for indigestion?

Eat no food.


The Nature Boy
peppermint can help. Also, don't lay down for 2 hours after eating and drink plenty of water.

heidi the ghosthunter
try some tonic water

Hydrochloric acid supplement. Enzymes and/or pancreatin. What you do not want to do is take antacids. Those will ruin your health.

Geeza Sooka Yerlips

a good old fashioned trump. Works evertime

a couple of prunes will take care of that and quickly too

Fennel tea is the best, and it works quickly.

apple cider vinegar its the best you can get.it will cure almost everything.

Tufty Porcupine
Ginger is supposed to ge good for digestion - try ginger nuts!
Also, I think tarragon helps, or some other aniseedy herb. Don't try them together though.

What worked for me was giving up dairy products.

Northern Lad
Gaviscon. Works for me eveytime :-) http://www.gaviscon.co.uk/

You can take one teaspoon of sodium bicarbonate..otherwise known as baking soda. Mix it in 8 oz of water or juice

Don't do it much though it can make your pH alkalotic. Not good. But on occasion it is safe. It neutralizes your stomach pH which is acidic.

Ayurvedic treatment.

Dabur Isabgol. After dinner, mix one teaspoonful of Isabgol power to half glass of water, stir well, gulp it, then drink as much water u can. Do this for continuously 3 days in a row.

Good Luck

Bikram rai
easy.drink plenty water as much as you can.eat fresh raw salads as much and fruits.Eat plenty watermelons and melons,pears and other fruits.for two days eat just raw vegetables and fruits and this will clear all the toxic.drink milk
and eat figs .dried and prunes.mint tea is also very good.


Syed A
1.Chew few fennel seeds after your food.

2. half a cup of tea without milk , put 2-3 mint leaves and drink it.

3.put 2 dry figs in half cup of milk at night early in the morning consume it will the milk.

papaya and pineapple.

Peppermint in hot water - sip away the pain! Also, sip at a fizzy soft drink - fantastic for shifting wind upwards if this is the cause of the indigestion. If you find you get this after eating a rich meal or overindulging, take Nux-v 30c - it's a homoeopathic remedy. If the indigestion is accompanied by lots of bloating, try Lycopodium 30c. They truely work like magic if the symptoms match correctly.

Jason Homan
Hi Alex, mono meals are best diet for you.

A spoonful of honey in any form of indigestion is very useful, be it stomach problems, acidity or heartburn

To prevent acidic indigestion mix a tablespoon of lemon juice or cider vinegar in a cup of hot water and have it before your meal.

Take one teaspoon of fresh grape wine 30 minutes before munching onto your grub.

You can also have small amount of fresh pineapples after meals

Drink 1/3 part of a coconut milk from an average size coconut before breakfast

Drinking herbal tea like mint, raspberry, chamomile and blackberry can help you with your indigestion problem
Jason Homan

I like about a quarter teaspoon of baking soda mixed with 3 oz of water.

Dr Frank
No cure unless you are prepared to get some conventional investigation. A high percentage of indigestion sufferers turn out to have the ' Ulcer bug ' Helicobacter pylorii. This can be picked up by a blood test for antibody, (85% accurate) or a ' breath test, (100%). Treatment takes a week, and is not 'natural'. Hey, but if you really don't actually want to get better try seaweed + chalk mix (Gaviscon or Peptac).

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