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Any good home remedies to help a person sleep? alcohol doesn't work for me anymore, and i don't take drugs

theres hydrocodone. its considered a pain reliever and it helps you sleep real good! i have anxiety and i had a lot of trouble sleeping and that was my way of easing it and getting a good nights sleep. i stopped taking it and not i suffer from anxiety again. it gets addicting so becareful.

3 sets of pushups and situps, and checking out the Victoria Secret catalog if you get my drift (that's if I can find it before my wife throws it out!)

Susan Yarrawonga
Natural remedies include warm milk, melatonin, valerian, 5-HTP and others that you can find in a web search for "natural sleep remedies".

Valerian does work well and is taken as an herbal tea infusion. Lactucarium made from wild lettuce is another natural sleep aid. Turkey meat and other foods containing L-tryptophan have also been known to work wonders for helping bring on the snoozability factor.
Melatonin is a natural hormone in humans and other animals that plays a role in the regulation of the circadian rhythms of several biological functions and is non habit forming and not harmful to your body. It also doesn't leave you feeling groggy the next day!

scot and proud
read a book or a magazine

Violet Pearl
try the herb Valerian

When I have insomnia I get me a cup of milk and warm it up and it always helps me fall asleep for some reason. Try it, it really does work.

i had that problem and i tried sleeping with my head at the foot of my bed and it worked.
don't eat for at least 2 hours before you go to bed and don't have any type of nuts or caffine(including chocolate).
also, i put a hot towel over my eyes
and if you wear contacts take those out too
try to keep a regular schedule even on the weekends because if you only get 2 hours of sleep on saturday it is hard to get into the routine of sleeping come tuesday

Don't drink any caffeinated beverages (Tea, Coffee, Sodas /Pop) after 4 PM in the afternoon.
There is an Amino Acid called L-Theanine that is made from Green Tea. It is VERY SAFE. It is excellent for promoting a natural and restful sleep. It is also great for eliminating anxiety and stress during the day. You can take 200mg to 300 mg during the day; just don't take more than 600 mg in 24 hours. Recommended dose is 100 mg to 200 mg an hour before bedtime. You would have to drink about 6 cups of Green Tea to get the same result (and Green Tea contains some caffeine). BTW Alcohol IS a drug.

Have you tried Melatonin 3mg, it all natural (no drugs or anything like that) You can get it from Wal-mart its in the vitamin section. This really helps me sleep & it doesn't make you feel weird the next morning. Also iyou may want to try white sage & lavender tea. Crush up 3 white sage leafs, one tablespoon of dried lavender & one tea bag of Celestial Seasonings Sleepy time tea (or Tension Tamer Herb Tea ) (for taste you may want to add some lemon, honey or sugar) Add herbs & tea to one cup of bowling water let bowl for 3 to 4 minutes, take pot off the burner & let it cool for a few minutes. (if your insomnia is really bad drink the crushed sage & lavender herds in your tea instead of taking them out. This will not taste the best in the world but it has helped me to sleep better) I hope this helps

Sometimes it is constant thoughts going around in the head that prevent a the mind from resting and letting the body sleep. If this is the case then it is said that the energy is in the head - so to bring it down to the spleen (where the energy resides when we are sleeping) then put your feet in a bowl of cold water for a few minutes. It works everytime! You could also try standing barefoot on a cold floor, the energy rushes to the feet to warm them up, leaving your mind to rest.

A lettuce sandwich also aids sleepiness. The carbohydrate in the bread, a little fat, preferably butter and lettuce (which releases 'happy hormones' in the body) all combine to aid relaxation.

Of courses the age old remedy of hot milky malty drinks also work.

A little exercise, like qigong or yoga outside in the fresh air an hour before you retire also helps. It may sound as if the fresh air will wake you up, but the oxygen aids peaceful sleeping.

Science Geek
You do know that alcohol is a drug right? If you're willing to drink to sleep, then why wouldn't you be willing to take a sleep aid? Maybe the question you should be asking is why you used alcohol as a sleep aid in the first place. Go see your doctor.

ragdollfloozie the tranquil(ish)
Alcohol affects your nervous system and while it may depress it initially it also causes restlessness.

I've been plagued with insomnia for years.
There is merit in hot milk...it will relax your muscles and help you drift off. Valerian tea is very relaxing too.
I've taken melatonin off and on for a while...only when things get too out of hand. It's in the semi drug category.
Sometimes you need to control your environment too. Noise,light ,being too hot or cold will make it hard to sleep.
I found a sleep mask helped me out there. I also have used earplugs from time to time.
One thing I've learned about myself lately though is that I resist sleep because I can't control it. I've learned that it has a very important place in my health and well being so not to resist.

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