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princess Scarlett
Am sorry i need to over come laxatives abuse but i dont no how help?
can i get my bowls to work on own again help

moist von lipwig
Try a dodgy curry, you will never need laxatives again. You may need immodium however.

Julia B
A licensed acupuncturist will be able to help you overcome your dependency on laxatives without developing a dependency on pharmaceuticals.

dorothy s
There is help without using actual laxatives. When I have problems, I use a stool softener,(Dulco Ease) or a high intake of vitamin C. In desperation I take one or two grams of vitamin C. I also find that Activia yogurt helps.

Although I eat a lot of vegetable and fibre based food, I still get constipated if, I don't eat things to prevent this. Baked beans help and so do tinned Mushy peas and tinned Sweet corn. Of late I have also found that Blue Berries are good..

If you have become reliant on laxatives, you should gradually reduce the amount which you take and add something like the above to your diet. It's hellish when ones bowels dictate your life.

recently i translated info from russian on english about advices in constipation a our dietologists.
if you interested you can buy and download a file for a reading that!
please feel free register in my group kill a lupus for a more reading,talik.

Perscription drug called AMITIZA...safe and you can take it long term

Anna P
Do this slowly! I agree with the fiber--include all kinds such as salads, apples, oatmeal, oat bran. I also recommend Daily Fiber tablets by Yerba Prima (a few capsules a day). It will take awhile to reset your system, so do NOT despair. Eat very "light" food, no meats, dairy products or starches as your system will get "bogged" down. The raw foods and oatmeal will get things moving. Do not add non-fiber (meat and dairy) until things are going "smoothly." Good luck!

Also, massage your stomach clockwise as you look down. This will help with the perstaltic action. And, be active! Go swimming, running but not if don't do regularly, and actually yoga is one of the best things to do.

I would take a trip to your doctor to discuss this with them. Well done for wanting to stop this - miss using laxatives can will have terrible affects on your digestive system - you will need some professional advice and guidance.

Try to eat more fruits and vegetables (fiber). Apples have fiber and some magnesium. Prunes and prune juice have a lot of fiber. Rice, beans, oatmeal and other grains, etc. Drink plenty of water (8 glasses a day). Get plenty of exercise to keep the abdominal muscles strong and in working order.

See a gastroenterologist if you need more help than this.

hecla 1
get help from a Dr or nutritionist...a natural healthcare practioner may be able to help also......the abuse of laxative thing may also require counseling

Jen D
For three days consume nothing but raw fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds and fresh juices and filtered water.

This will detox your system from the lingering laxatives and force your digestive system to work on it's own again.

After that, be sure to eat at least two cups of raw produce each day.

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