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 I think i'm allegic to fruit......?
Is that wierd?? Everytime I eat fruit either my throat gets ichy, my stomach hurts, a starts feeling week, or i get heart burn. Are there any doctors out there that can tell me whats going on??...

 Nowadays, mosquitoes made very big problems.Is any living being to eat mosquitoes like ant-eater ?

 My sister has a friend who says she is allergic to water?
Is this possible?...

 What is the best allergy medication?
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 How can you take down swelling?
I got stung by a mosquito or some kind of bug and under my eye is swollen. Its horrible to look at. How can I take it down as quick as possible....

 Throte allergy.?
Dear sir,

My sister is 15 year old.She has Asthma,and get treated and recover a bit but it comes any time ,it is one problem.The other problem is she has got allergy in her throte,it ...

 What is a good way to reduce symptoms of pollen allergies?
Another reason to fear the warm summer day. If you have suggestions other than constantly taking acetominophen pills, that would be prime....

 PLEASE help, i have terrible allgeries???
hi i am on allgera and just had to take 2 bendryol because my throat feels clogged and really dry, i aknow its allgeries but why is the allgera not kicking in, i took it this morning....any one know ...

 Am I allergic to fruit and vegies?
When i eat, apples, watermelon, cucumbers, oranges, and other stuff... my gums itch, and sometimes i get a rash thing on the inside of my lip. help me. why is it doing that to ...

 Difference between "intolerance to lactose" and "intolerance to cow's milk protein"?

 Why do we sneeze when exposed to cold condition?

 Does this sound like a new food allergy?
I love to eat healthy & I love most fruit & vegetables. All my life, I've never had a problem eating oranges & apples or drinking them in the form of fruit-juice. However, in D...

 If your allergic to eggs are you allergic to chicken?

 I am hypoglycemic and also "sensitive" to wheat, cheese, milk, eggs, and yeast. What am I supposed to eat?!

 3 mosquito bites that have swollen... what do i do?
There is pus, but it hasn't been leaking out. Do I break the skin to let it out, and would this cause scarring? Also I take dance lessons, so would leggings irritate the bites? Thank you.

 What is a good source of calcium for children that have a milk allergy ?
My son has a milk allergy . He can have a limited amount of cooked milk now that he is 2 years old. but I know he needs calcium for his bones and teeth any idea's ?...

 Is it possible to develop food allergies later in life? I am 33.?
Wheat, yeast, dairy, eggs, some veggies? I used to be able to eat all of it....

 How do you stop your nose from running when you have a cold?

 I have a lot of flem in my throat please answer!?
The past couple days I have had allergies. Soar throat, sleepyness, and a few others. Now I have that annoying flem in my throat! I can talk normaly but I always have to swollow it down. My voice ...

 My six year old?
My six year old left eye is swelling up his left sid eof his face just about 30 mins after he ate Crab. He is not allergic to anything and I just gave him some benadryl(sp?) I called his doctor but ...

Why is my throat producing a lot of mucus lately?
I was sick about a month ago and i still seem to be producing a lot of mucus. Every morning i have to cough up a loogie or blow my nose, it gets really annoying. Sometimes even the mucus gets stuck in between my throat and my voice starts going away or gets deeper and i have to cough or clear my throat. What can i do?

Drink organic cider vinegar with honey and Cayenne pepper.

You either have one of two problems: SARS or the bird flu virus. Go to the nearest hospital imediately.

Critique of All Other Healing Systems
- Mucusless Diet Healing System Trilogy - Part 2

That is on-line & a chapter from a book.
It seems that it contains some priciples that you would do well to consider.

Anything that lowers the immune system makes one more vulnerable to all kinds of infection...

How to Safeguard Your Health
- Choose Healthful Foods
- Moderate Exercise
> What About Smoking, Drugs, and Alcohol?

And, mucus is a paradise for all kinds of pathogens!

A severe respiratory infection takes a long time to completely clear up. It sounds as though your sinuses were involved, and are producing a lot of drainage. While you're sleeping at night, the secretions build up and start draining in the throat. This is commonly known as post-nasal drip.

This condition can become chronic. In other words, the original illness has produced a less severe, but certainly annoying symptom that seems to hang on. Talk to your doctor about it. The sinus drainage can also be caused by an allergy. There are a lot of medicines and OTC drugs that can alleviate your symptoms, whether they're from an infection or an allergy. Ask your doc which one would be best for you. Good luck!

Jay Lew
In the respiratory tract, mucus is a critical component of the innate host defense system. On the airway epithelial cell surface, the sticky gel layer traps particles and the sol layer, which is predominantly water, contacts the surface of ciliated cells and permits moving of the gel out of the lower airways like an escalator so that it can ultimately be cleared by coughing or swallowing. Mucus also contains antibacterial agents to aid in its defense function. Pathogens and harmless proteins we inhale are thus removed from the respiratory tract and have a limited encounter with other immune components. In the bronchial airways, mucus is produced by surface epithelial cells with secretory features and a classical goblet shape, called goblet cells. Goblet cells produce mucins that are complexed with water in secretory granules and are released into the airway lumen. In the large airways, mucus is also produced by mucous glands. Under basal conditions, the columnar epithelial surface comprises a small percentage of goblet cells and a majority of ciliated cells. This structure provides adequate mucus to capture particles and remove them in the huge volumes of air we breathe. After infection or toxic exposure, the airway epithelium up regulates its mucous secretory ability, and we cough and bring up sputum. Subsequently, the airway epithelium recovers and returns to its normal state, goblet cells disappear, and coughing abates.

There are at least two of us here with the same problem that you describe, it all started with a cold and we are not able to clear it up. I have been on Ciprofloxin for 10 days, and it is still annoying me, now everyone says it is Allergies, I am taking Zyrtec for Allergies and the mucus is still here, no getting cleared up. What helps is taking a shower, preferably warm and that will loosen up the mucus somewhat and makes one feel better for a while. Musinex I will need to try that again. And that Apple cider concoction above is worth a try. Below you have a good description, however it has not healed itself now for more then 8 weeks, what we need is something to help it clear it up.

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