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Peter H
Why does my wife wheeze after drinking wine?

Sounds like an allergy. Someone I know looses her sense of smell after drinking red wine, if she stops drinking red wine it returns after about a week. She's perfectly fine after drinking white wine and other alcohol.

Obviously she has an allergy to the wine? Maybe she should consider not drinking it and trying something else for a while. If the wheeze stops try introducing the wine again if the wheeze starts again stay off it for good.

Because she's a heffer and requires the assistance of a wheel barrow to get around

She is allergic to wine. Consult a Doctor.

She could be allergic to the sulfa in the wine, I know I am. The allergic reaction could be just enough to trigger the onset of an asthma attack. I take allergy medicine daily to prevent such occurrences.
Good luck.

Ignore all these brain aches - It is either a slight allergic reaction or asthma - Im asthmatic and wine does make me wheeze - alcohol is a well none trigger. Tell her to avoid it till shes been tested for asthma or if she already has it use her preventer before she drinks it. xx

possibly a sulfite or other allergy. check out: http://allergies.about.com/cs/alcohol/a/aa043001a.htm

Wheezing is one of the signs of allergic reaction to things. She probably needs to see a Dr. and be tested to know for sure.

probabley because she is relaxed enough to let it all out.

semsem a
wine has many bad effects I think your God love your wife, he give hem a sign to avoid its drinking
with my best wishes for abstain

She's allergic to sulfites which are preservatives used in all wines. Tell her to cease drinking wine.

Could be an allergy to yeast, or if only when she drinks red wine, to tannin, the ingredient that makes red wine red

I agree with Becky 24. I always have an asthma attack after drinking wine, and also chinese take-away food.

n c
shes got asthma

Tim B
It makes her ***.

If you suspect it is an allergy (or if you don't know), go find a Health Kinesiologist. Using acupressure, they can train your body not to be allergic any more. You just have to bring in a small sample (like a tablespoon of wine in a container). After one appt, you are no longer allergic. After another appt or two, you can raise your tolerance for the substance. They can also help you determine what you are allergic to. I've had Health Kinesiology done for my allergies and asthma, and my child's. It's amazing. For more info, check out: http://www.subtlenergy.com/training/locate_practitoner.htm

Good luck!

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