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My eyes are burning so bad, and it looks like I have been crying for a week, nothing works. I know I should go to the doctor but I have to work and don't have time. Any ideas? Pls....

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 Is this normal allergy symptoms?
I have a bad sinus headache, raw, sore throat, mild fever and achy chest! Is his allergies or an infection?
Additional Details
Sorry, I forgot to add all the sneezing and yellow phlem....

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So- I had sinustitis back in the US when i lived in New Orleans- now I live in Amsterdam, which the two are quite alot alike. I'm sneezing, my eyes are swelling and I can't breath through ...

 Whats some allergies that you yahoo-ians have?
for me its dust... sooo lame

how about you?...

 I need advice. how do i stop a runny nose.?
without blowing it or using any herbal stuff as im a t school and my nose IS POOING ME OFF...

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 What is this allergy!??
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only seem to get it from tree pollen
any uk drug suggestion non drowsy
thank ...

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As the title says...I've had hives since December 2007 to this day and I don't know what causes it. What are some ways that I can:

-Find out what causes my hives.
-Get rid ...

Why does my nose still get stopped up?
Every year around winter time, I get a cold. A few weeks later, I get better. It never fails. But this year when I got better my nose stayed stopped up. It's July and my nose still needs blowing when I wake up and it gets stopped up during the day... what gives? I'm not the type to go to the doctor for a cold or a cut but this is driving me crazy. Anyone know what might be wrong?
Additional Details
Well, it's not actually stopped up but it constantly needs blowing.

logan M

Sounds like an allergy to something, how's that for being vague. When we get all closed up inside our homes, we're prey to a lot of stuff. One of the worst are dust mites, they live off our dead skin cells and multiply rapidly. There are a few things you can do, like use the vacuum on the bed regularly, and use the dust mite covers, but it would be better to use a product like the Norwex Mattress spray to get rid of them. A good percentage of people who snore are allergic to the little bugs. And this would carry into the summer if you are not dealing with them.....the other thing is that the little hairs in the nose are irritated, do some research on a Jala neti pot or nose bidet, they are a little tricky to use, but boy do they work wonders for cleaning out the sinus cavity and nose, bye bye stopped up nose. I use the metal stainless one and it takes a little practice but it is one of the few things that will work.

I had a similar problem that lasted for years, I found out it was related to allergies. You have all the symptoms of a cold. Your my have an infection by now and have to see a doctor. Anytime I get symptoms I drink organic decaf ginger tea which helps with inflammation and green tea to cleanse with no sugar. Sugar, dairy and wheat products and any kind may cause further inflammation. If you get this around the holidays when most consume more wheat, sugar, and dairy from the pies, cakes, stuffing, etc. you may be gluten intolerant. If the drainage you are experiencing is clear, It may defiantly be an allergy. Go to http://www.stayinformed.info/about/aboutgluten.htm for info. on gluten.

The body tries to protect itself. When a common cold or a toxic product hits the nose, you sneeze to try to get rid of the infected material. In addition your body tries to dilute the toxin or virus by producing runs – the less concentrated the toxin the easier it is for the body to correct the problem.

That’s why you need to drink lots of water for rhinitis. That’s also why you drink lots of water for stomach poison, in order to dilute it.

Try not to blow your nose as much as you can till your sinuses heal drink lots of water and spray nasal *saline every so often to clear allergens out of your nose and to sooth the irritations... Blowing your nose to much causes the tissues to swell and block the sinuses. Also making your nose run and feel the need for blowing all the time.

Maybe stuffy sinuses. Cut out dairy products. It worked for me.

Sounds like sinus / allergies. Take an over-the-counter medicine for allergies - if that doesn't work, see your doctor .

Stranger In My Heart
it sounds like you have allergies and you think it's a cold. try an over the counter allergy med and see if it helps.

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