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What's happening in an allergic person's body as they have an allergic reaction to strawberries?
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 Why do we close our eyes while sneezing?

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 Is it possible to develop a food allergy?
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 Please help its argent? help!!!?
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 Whenever I eat carrots, I get puffy and bubbly lips that itch like crazy! It's gross!?
Whenever I eat carrots, I get puffy and bubbly lips that itch like crazy! Is it allergies? They get really itchy and puffy, then my throat itches, and my lips feel like needles. ALLERGIES?

 How do I get rid of my allegric reaction to humidity?
First of all, I'm not allergic to the sun.
I used to joke that I'm a vampire, but I found humidity is the catalyst not the sun.
In wintertime I have no problems.


Sarah W
Why do my eyes swell up?
Whenever I cry my eyes swell to such an extent that it is difficult to open them and I look as if I've done a few rounds in the boxing ring (I'm not exaggerating!) Nothing helps to take the swelling down (cold spoons, ice packs etc) except time. As you can imagine this is very embarassing, having to explain to people at work the reason my eyes look the way they do because I've been crying. Does anyone have any idea why this happens? Am I allergic to tears?

Tears are produced by your lacrimal or lacrymal glands and comes out thru the lacrymal ducts. The tissues and skin around the eyes are loose.Overactivity of these glands make them all swell. I suggest you take a nasal decongestant but their side effect is drowsiness so dont drive. You can also use decongesting eyedrops as Visine. Now dont forget the ice pack too.

Annie M
If I cry it really notices a few hours later. Try used teabags put them on your eyes for 10 mins this may help, or stop crying during the day!

It is common - Nothing to worry about

Alison B
Crying is a wonderful response and quite natural that your eyelids swell up. Just give it a little more time before you go out.

shawn g
Everyone's eyes swell slightly when they cry but not that much. I doubt that you are allergic to tears but it's more likely that, because of your allergies, your eyes are easily irrated and sensitive.

Ties that bind
your body retains too much water

It seems you have a infection in your eyes, it happened to me before you better see a doctor.

Mine are the same, so you have to control the tears. I have will power now that if I feel I want to blub, I will let a few out, but I can stop myself from sobbing too much because I know my face will look a mess for at least 12 hours after.

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