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 I am deathly allergic to penicilln. Can my husband take it?
If i take penicillin, My throat closes, I get hives, I get diarrhea, vomiting. for like a week and days after i have taken my last dose. thats why it took me so long to realize I am allergic to it ...

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i put on some new body lotion last night and itched and burned. i washed it off but my face swelled up and it was hard to breathe. i still feel ...

 Am i alergic to milk???
i really dont know because i have been geting stumic pains a lot lately and sometimes i actually throw up....i have been in pain for a few days. i dont know what i should do to help my self. HELP!!!!...

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 What are you alergic to?

 Why do people find it so nasty to pick your nose?
its not like you eat them afterwards....

 Is their any cure for nut allergy?
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 For really bad allergies should you use a humidiphier or a de-humidiphier?

 Is dandriff alive?

 Allergic Reaction?
2 days ago I had some beer (only like a glass, so no it wasnt from being drunk :P) and like 2 hours later when i went home with public transport i started feelin bit dizzy and rly nauseous.


 Can you sneeze if you have no nose?
just wondering.....

 Are people who are allergic to nuts allergic to coconuts too?

 Can you suddenly develop and an allergy to alcohol?
I have always been a drinker but all the sudden this year it seems I can't hold my liquor... not even a small glass!! Wine that use to taste good, taste bad. Beer makes my stomach hurt, even ...

 What do you like better dogs or cats?

 When I eat some fruits I start to sweat and my face gets warm... is this an allergic reaction?

Additional Details
Thank you for all your answers. There was one inperticular that I wanted to ask about. I have had times that out of no where I get the shakes (not neccessarily ...

 What food makes you sleepy?

 I have a rash on my belly, its caused by the metal on my belt and bluejens?
Ive tried everthing to make it go away. All the creams you can buy. It bugs the hell out of me and itchs like HE**. I know its an allergie of some sort. But i cant aford to go to the doctor. What can ...

 What else can I send in my daughter's sack lunch for her day camp?
They've asked that we not send peanut butter sandwiches, since there's a child with peanut allergies? Why are these schools and camps doing all this? Why are they inconveniencing the many ...

Why do I suddenly have allergies ? Never had them before now I'm suffering.?

I am going to share something that no doctor can tell you...my son had allergies to everything, Eczema that would bleed behind his knees, acne, could not sleep at night, stomach pain and diarrhea...for years he had this. I thought he was allergic to everything and blamed that he was an Irish red head...
well I read about Dr. Young miracle. this doctor discovered the acid base balance in your body caused many diseases and illnesses...I read about it and saw all my son's symptoms were because he was acidic. I knew from being a nurse that there are many times when people have alkaline base in the body they have problems with infections and headaches etc...
I also knew acidic foods caused certain problems too but I never dreamed it would be so much!
my son stopped eating meat and the foods that caused acid. he drank health drinks that were made from greens and made his body alkaline...he started to sleep better and the acne that no dermatologist could get rid of with medications over the years, went away! his skin cleared up with none of the expensive creams that he had from the doctor including the steroid creams on his body!
he has whiter teeth, lost weight (about 30 pounds!), has lots more energy, less depression and he feels so much better I want everyone to know!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I swear on my life this is true and not exaggerated. please try it and it is simple and not expensive and easy. too good to believe I know.

Health food stores Alkalizing greens, Dr Young's miricle, pH balace of the body...look any of these up...
Please do not buy the expensive formulas on the internet because there are low cost green drinks at the local health store that work just as well.

You can become allergic to things around you even if you have had prolonged contact with it. As an example, I used to have a garden when I was younger, and now that I've grown some, I'm allergic to pollen. It's pretty normal, don't worry. Take some Claritin or talk to your doctor about medications you can take to control your allergies. If they're just seasonal, you won't have to take them half of the year, but if you're having strong reactions to things you come in contact with every day (foods, etc...) you should talk to your doctor as soon as you can.

0Ron B
A lot of people have no obvious allergic reaction to things during their life and suddenly they do and they think it was just developed the truth is they had them for a good portion of their life here are some things that can cause stronger reactions to allergies: lack of sleep, to much soda, unhealthy diet and a lot of people lack the proper water intake (1gallon a day or 180 fl.oz. a day) being dehydrated is very dangerous and annoying, also you may want to look into a Multi Vitamin this could help especially if you have been eating unhealthy, If all else fails consume some local bee pollen once a week that will definitely stop the reaction,Its been dry in a lot of areas this also can make it worse cause it is easier for pollen and dust to travel.

You can develop allergies at any point in your life. my mom became allergic to strawberries in her forties. you may find that what has affected you especially in the case of hayfever is more potent right now but actaully may not bother you next year. its strange how things happen like that.

Any one can develop an allergy at any time. Ex: you can have a cat or be around them all your life, then suddenly one you are allergic and have to stay away from them. There are some all natural products that have help everyone in our family with their allergies. We wear a therapeutic necklace and take a supplement called JadeGreenZymes. No one has had to go to the doctor yet this year, by now many of us have gone several times and are on muti. Rx's. You can find these things at www.newbodybalnace.com on the buy it page.

Something you've encountered triggered your allergies. It happens to many people including me.

the pollon could be your problem, i have the same problem , but never had this problem before

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