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 Cat allergies?
me and my son have had pet cats before,only the last 3years we have not had any cats.Now we have one and we are both allergic!
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 What are some of the uncommon food allergy?
Give some examples....

 Does a (fatal) anaphylactic reaction stay with your body if you die?
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 How do i get rid of itching due to dust accumulated in sofas, old books etc.?
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 Can Pseudoephedrine sulfate 240 mg cause insomnia?
On occasion (2x or 3x a week) I take Clairitin-D for my sinuses. I believe I am allergic to dust or maybe the cat. My sinuses bother me all winter, so I'd guess dust (itchy/stuffy/headaches), ...

 How come everytime i get in water i itch?
pleazz help because im a great swimmer n i luv ...

 Allergy to Boyfriends Cat and I've tried EVERYTHING!?
I found a kitten right before Christmas, and, being severely allergic to cats, did my best to try and locate its owner and/or a good home for it right away. I was turned down by all the local ...

 Can I build up an intolerence to lactose products?
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 Gluten Free- Does Glucose from Wheat have Gluten?
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 Could it be school anxiety or allergies?
My 13 yr old child was sick all last yr, w/headaches, dizziness, nausea and sore throat.The school year was a struggle, but she made excellent grades(missed 20 days). MRI, ultrasounds-all negative, ...

 Will this get rid of my dust allergy symptoms almost completely?
I'm slightly allergic to maple and dog. But my allergy to dust and mites are so severe, that they were unable to be scaled because they were so high. I use an air purifier, enclosed my mattress, ...

 Can an allergy to sugar cause arthritis and or depression?

 What allergy do i have?
well i have this puffy rash on my neck and i didnt change anything in my diet except i have painted my ...

 I find it hard to breathe from the nose naturally, i normally breathe from my mouth, am i normal?
my nose r blocked sometimes, but most of the times when it isnt, i just breathe from my mouth, which sometimes is loud..

how can i cure this?...

 Gnat bites??
I went to a BBQ last night and when i got home i noticed i had 17 gnat bites. They have swollen and blown up. One particular is red round it and i heard this can be dangerous. Is there anyway to ...

 What kind of decongestant can be taken while taking synthroid?

Additional Details
for hypothyroidism? Am very stopped up in my nose area. Post nasal drip is pretty rough too and irritating my throat and chest areas....

 Why am I allergic to shrimp but not other seafood?
That I know of anyway......

Why do I keep getting random hives?
Since last week I have been getting hives randomly popping up on my body and than going away within hours. Its very annoying because sometimes they are big and other times they are just absolutely everywhere. Even if only for a few hours they itch and hurt alot. Should I see a doc or are they just going to tell me to use bennadryl and than ill wil be wasting money. Will this eventually stop? Could it be the sign of something serious? Please help!!!
Additional Details
Thanks guys. Well, I am getting over a cold (sniffling nose is all) so maybe its that? Also I live in florida so maybe its that wildfire bringing smoke over? Its been really smoggy because of the smoke. But I have been getting them in specific spots on my body too. My diet is relatively the same, havnt changed my clothes wash. Nothing different really. :/ Ive been stressed out many times before, dont know how stress can do it. im confused -__-

thats me too...........i get hives out of no where.......sometimes just a couple small ones, sometimes real big painful ones, i have never gone to see a doc, but i recommend you do, cuz i would, i just dont want to go in until i am havin a breakout, so he can see them for himself, and evaluate it....instead of askin me a bunch of questions(which he probably will still do).......i use caladryl for the hives, cuz i cant really take pills, they grosse me out, im sorry you get hives, one time, i broke out in my whole body, and it stayed for a whole week, i didnt know what the hell was goin on, i couldnt even go outside, infact, i think im getting one now, right on my forehead(no lie, its itchy red, and kinda bloated, ) i am real sensative when it comes to my skin, so i try not to stay out in the sun too long, ive found that accessive burning from the sun, gives me reactions, not only that but lotions do it to........could just be allergies, ,...,i hope you get better soon, i will pray for you.......here to help

Stacy S
I would go directly to an allergist if at all possible. Obviously you are allergic to something, but the question is what. Then you should probably try to avoid whatever it is or get on some medication. There are other very adverse affects that come with an allergy if you are highly allergic. Many people with extreme allergies carry an epi pen.

If your hives have never been checked out by a doctor, you should definitely go. Hives can be caused by an allergic reaction to a new soap, clothing or food. They can also be caused by stress. My daughter got hives when she was a baby a couple of times. Both times she had a cold and the doctor determined she had an allergic reaction to the "bug" that was in her system. The third time she got them, it was an allergic reaction to penicillin. So she can never take penicillin again. So many reasons...get checked out to be sure.

I get them when I'm upset about something- most of all when I think it's not affecting me that much- .... my body shows me otherwise in form of hives.. They come and go- just like yours. Ask your doctor, though...

you are obviously coming into contact with something that you are having an allergic reaction too. you might want to see your doctor to refer you to an allergist to find out what it is.


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