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 Why am i allergic to just brazil nuts?
I can eat peanuts, or any other nut. Brazil nuts however make my lips tingle and tongue and throat itch. I avoid Brazil nuts like the plague but do you think i could develop an allergy to other types ...

 My kitten doesn't play her eyes Are filled with gunk and her nose is too she's always sneezing what's wrong wi

 I have a clogged ear from a sinus infection. Does anyone know of a remedy without going to the Dr?

 Allergic reaction to alcohol?
after drinking alcohol recently my face becomes really flushed and blotchy and I get really hot and I feel like I cant breathe. My pulse also speeds ...

 If you had peanut allergies could you eat something with peanut oil?
because im allergic and i have to go out to dinner at five guys .
what is reccommended?...

 What can happen if you drink lots of milk?
If your 18 and under what can happen if you drink more than 3 servings of dariy in one day? Can allergies accure or will you get sick? Please tell me......................................

 Why do people say that Arizona is the best place for people to live who have allergies?
That is- Are people with Asthma and/or allergies able to breathe easier there?
If so why?...

 How can i improve my child's appetite?
my son is prone to tonsil problem and get sick ...

 Avoiding peanut allergies. I was advised to wait until my daughter was 3 before giving her peanuts.?
She is 16 months old and got a hold of some peanuts and ate them. She didn't have any allergic reaction but I don't know if I should now give her peanuts regularly or should I wait until ...

 A lot of people are allergic to their pets. Are pets sometimes allergic to their owners?

 How Long does a food allergy last?
If left untreated? The itching only begins at night and eyes begin to swell....

what are the good ways to cure? any relief methods? besides calamine lotion and overcounter medication, what ...

 If i am allergic to shrimp does that mean i will also be alleric to crawfish ?

 Throat closing up after eating shrimp?
I just had shrimp and my throat feels like its closing up. I just took 2 benadryl and now im drinking a lot of water. Is there anything else I should do?
Additional Details
its k. i went ...

 How can i get rid of my stuffy nose now? instant relief?

Additional Details
i am at work though struggling to ...

 What pollen comes in september?

 Dust Mite Allergies - Protecting my Kids - Advice?
My kids have dust mite allergys... there is so much to do to protect them against it. i want to start with there bedding..

i cant afford to buy new duvets, mattresses and pillows...

 Is there such a thing as a pea allergy?

 Does taking Benadryl make you sleepy?
I took one tablet to get rid of a rash and I feel tired now....

 Why can't we sneeze with our eyes open?

 I am extemely Constipatied! And have been for about 2 or more weeks :(?
I feel very bloated, put when i push n push there no sign at al of movement of my soils!! But there does feel like large bag(like thing) which when is press or pushed feels sore and uncorfable, i'...

boris and matilda
Why do I find so many bogies up my nose?
Everytime I pick my nose I find big gooey, and sometimes crusty boogies.

Would you mind if I had a pick?

As long as you don't eat them it's perfectly ok.

Fallen Angel
Ugh !!!!!!!!! that's disgusting

I'm sure its from all the drugs you insufflate. Perhaps you should work on your cocaine, heroine, PCP habit.

That aint bogies! Thems your brains....I told you if you kept picking your nose, your head would cave in!

superstar tradesman
because you have a bogie making factoery up your nose, silly

r you puting drugs up your beakk sssssssnnnnnnniiiiiffffffff

Pagan Pip
mmmm yummy!

well i would worry if they were in your ears

It's your brain disintegrating. Get a pair of earplugs and stick them up your nose otherwise it will all escape. Good luck.

nigel h
your just being picky

Get a new hobby your spending too much time inspecting the contents of your nasal passages.

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