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mrs mystery
Why am i allergic to oranges?
I am allergic to oranges, i get terrible migraines after eating or drinking orange juice. Why am allergic to them, and can you get over a allergy (cause i'd love to eat them again) ?

my guess is that it runs in your family, because i believe allergies are genetic problems. you should go see a doctor.

jay s
try tangerine juice

Mr & Mrs Happy
Penguins cant eat oranges. Are you a penguin.Did you type this with your beak

The Cool Clown
immune system is shitty

✿Mᴈlloω ϒᴈlloω✿
People are probably born with a type of simtim that gives you allergies. I have no allergies, but I don't know how to stop them sweetie! Don't you like any similar types of fruits to enjoy? There are plenty! Other people might help or ask the doctor for medications or pills or better ways to enjoy oranges.

I can't really answer as to why you might be allergic, and I don't think it will just go away...but an orange alternative might be clementines. Often by the name of "California Cuties" these are pretty much miniture oranges, but sweeter! Hopefully you aren't allergic to these as well. If so...I'm sorry. =p But I hope this helped!

Nurse Soozy
There is relatively little research into allergies so it's impossible to say why you are allergic to oranges. Once you're allergic to something, you tend to stay allergic to it.

Dominic M
I do not think what you are experiencing is not an allergic recation, but more a result of over eating them making talking and breathing difficult, with a loss of consciuosness, red itchy spots on the skin

They say it is pure and pasteurized, but if you seen how they are handled it would disgust you. Chemicals used for pesticide, herbicide, and raw sludge that is used for fertilizer. The the workers that pick them are less than sanitary and nondiscriminatory against bad and good fruit. It is a wonder any of us can eat anything that is mass farmed. Try organic oranges that are selectively harvested with care before you completely give up. It is possibly the chemicals that bother you.

I have been allergic to oranges for as long as I can remember. As a child, I would just break out into hives and a rash. I am now 32, and if I come in contact with any citric smell or if I happen to eat foods containing citrus, I immediately start swelling. On occasion I was rushed to the ER for an adrenaline shot. I now carry an epi pen. Very serious allergy.........

Clare P
Hi, I am also allergic to oranges. You may want to see if you are allergic to salicylates which is in citrus fruit.

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