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 What are the differences between allergies and sinuses?
I broke my nose years ago at my sinuses where I should have had surgery. I am not allergic to anything as far as I know, so I don't believe I have "allergies." But I am curious as to ...

 Snot in my nose?
hi i have a cold i blow my nose once really hard and it comes back the snot and again its empty and it comes back i dont want a cold my nose is kinda red i blow so hard doesnt make a difference and ...

 Allergic Reactions?
Hello, i'm babysitting my nephew for the weekend, and today, while he was playing outside with centipeeds and such, He seemed to have developed dark red bloches on the palm of his hands.

 Weres the most reliable place to get a food intolarence test done?

 Could my 9 month old have a sinus infefction?
she started snoring, she started waking up 2-3 times a night, she rubs her nose and eyes excessively at night while seemingly in pain and she sneezes ...

 Can people who are allergic to Penicillin eat blue cheese?
penicillin is made from a mold.. was wondering if they can eat cheese with mold in ...

 Can allergies be cured?

 How do I get relief from my allergies!?
I get really really bad allergies in the spring/summer time. I pretty much have allergies all the time, but they get worse then. Pretty much every time I go to the doctor and think I'm sick ...

 I sometimes sneeze so much that I go crazy, is this an allergy?
Whenever I enter a new room, or when I go out especially in the sunlight I start to sneeze like 4 5 times, what kind of an allergy can it be?...

 Is it possible to become lactose intolerant within a month?
I am 32 years old and have enjoyed milk and ice cream all my life. Now all of a sudden I can't seem to eat or drink dairy without experiencing severe cramps in my stomach and diarrhea. Why ...

 How fast does an anaphylactic reaction occur?
I've been having some allergic reactions lately (my allergist hasn't been able to identify the cause). Currently, my lips and eyelids are swollen. It feels like my throat is swelling, or ...

 What is wrong with me, aches all over the body.?
I have body aches (flue/ fever like aches) all over. 2 of my internal medical doctor told me nothing wrong. But one said I have seasonal allergy, so gave me Flonaise, and Dingulair, later added A...

 Pizza Allergy!?
I've eaten pizza all my life in my area, but one time I went to Sbarro and got a regular slice and had an allergic reaction! Theres no reaction to things without tomato sauce (like white pizza ...

 My 3 year old daughter sprayed calgon body spray in her eyes. I rinsed with water should I do anything else?

 Can Raccoon eyes be caused by pollen and other allergies?

 My daughter got an allergic reation to amoxicillion, does anyone know how long it will last?
She has a red rash over her body....

 Can people be allergic to certain breeds of dogs?
For example, a friend of mine had a mastiff. I pet him then my arms would itch like crazy. Another had a great dane and nothing. Both breeds have very fine hair.

Same thing with someone...

Hey, is penicillin in cough medicines? such as pholcodine linctus?

or is it only a antibiotic and you can't can't it over the counter, you can only get it when it's ...

 Can blocked nose cause headcahe , if yes why ??
i dont know what type of headacahe it is , its not pain , but stiff head , like my head is knottted with robe and this also cause blocked nose and buzz in ears ??
what do u say about it ...

 My runny nose..?
I wake with a runny nose everyday, sneezing, and a constant dribble (sorry but it is true) I am sick of feeling like a cocaine addict. I have no pets, I do not smoke, I do eat some crappy food ...

Why am i all the sudden allergic to my cats?
I've always been allergic to cats my throat gets itchy, i sneeze , and my eyes itch. My mom got 7 week old kittens in August and they didnt affect me at all except if they rubbed my neck then it would itch but other than that nothing. Now all of the sudden if they touch my face with their nose or rub against it with their face i have a huge welt wherever they touched me and it gets raised and really hot until eventually 15 minutes later or so it goes away. I never get welts even before with other cats that never happened. Anyone know whats all of the sudden happening?
Additional Details
Thanks for your awnsers. But they used to have fleas but not anymore and my brother is severely allergic to cats as well as dogs too and these cats didnt affect him at all either until recently.

It sounds like your allergy is intensifying and so you are getting a stronger reaction each time you come into contact with the cats. All I can suggest is having your mother find another home for the cats or visiting an allergist to see if you can take shots that will help you build up a tolerance to them.

There are so many types of fur in the cat family that you may be sensitive to this, that but not the other. You are apparently allergic in this case to the mother's spittle that she uses to clean them. She won't quit this for quite a while so keep your distance til then. Maybe you can figure out a way to play with them with gloves on. Hope you figure it out.... they are cutesies.

flower girl
It could be that the allergy was just building up in your body, and more exposure to the cats makes your allergies get worse and worse. The first time I was ever stung by a bee I just got a little bump. The next time it was a bigger bump. It's gotten worse everytime I've been stung. Now when I'm stung, I swell up everywhere within 8 inches or so of wherever it gets me. A doctor told me it was building up in me. You should talk to a doctor if you have a chance. Also, think about taking a non prescription strength allergy medicine on a regular basis. Also, keep your mouth closed any time a cat comes around...I hate to think what might happen if a cat hair goes down your throat! Good luck!

Allergies can get worse with exposure.
It is possible they have fleas and you might be reacting to the dander.
If not you might be reacting to their dander. There are wipes you can buy that help to decrease the dander. The heat from your home might be drying their skin out and they are making more dander than usual. A little humidity can decrease that.
Make sure to wash the affected area asap that will help decrease the reaction.
Good Luck.

cause u can gain alergies out of no where

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