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 Can someone identify this medical mystery?
It seems to be an allergic reaction. Symptoms include itchy rashes, swollen lips and nose, dry mouth, and a general feeling of malaise. Benadryl seems to help but the symptoms recur. The symptoms don&...

 Does any1 know an effective allergy treatment?
My nose is all stuffed up and i cant breath....

 My 2 year old is highly allergic to peanuts . . . we went to a restaurant tonight and I had a salad and . . .?
a bunch of fruit on my plate. My son was eating from my plate and then I noticed he was lethargic and very warm to the touch. I checked his temperature and it registered as 97.9 degrees. Could ...

 I have been told Ive to eat wheat free where can i get a list of foods i can eat and foods i cannot eat help?
please help me i need to find a easy list of foods that i can eat wheat free i would just like a basic list of foods that i can ...

 Do I have a nut allergy?
For the past couple of days, everytime I swallow, my chest feels like someone is sat on it, really heavy and feels like it's full of air and my breathing stops for a split second and then I get ...

 How baby do have a rashes?

 I have quite severe hayfever and throughout winter and now spring i'm experiencing the same symptoms wt is it?

Additional Details
I know you can only get hayfever in summer as I always have done, but I am also having the symptoms of hayfever when it is not summer....

 My son has bumps that look like ant bites all over his arms and legs. He had a low fever yesterday.?
He is allergic to insect bites. We had a party Saturday and he was outside most of the time. Could he be breaking out from the bites?
Additional Details
we figured it out, he had ...

 Very annoying cough from allergies?
I've had tis horrible cough for almost 2 weeks now. It keeps me up all night, causes me to throw-up and is just simply bugging the cr*p out of me! I went to the doctor and he said it's most ...

 What could be wrong with me?
I have had a sometimes runny pretty stuffy nose for NINE weeks now. NINE. I went to the doctor in December and he thought I had allergies and put me on a nasal spray and also an antihistamine. Well,...

 How much does allergy shots help?
I've been getting allergy shots a little over a year now, and have noticed considerable difference. How much more improvement can I expect to see in the next 2-4 years? More than I've ...

 I have a perrennial clogged nose. Is this sinusitis? What is the best remedy for this condition?

 Are there any allergy treatments for people allergic to cats?
When I am around my girlfriend's cat, I get severe asthma, are there shots that can cure this or control the reaction?...

 Doctors help please! Ok, last year I contracted sinusitus...?
due to a bad cold which I got amoxycilin for and didn't finish the course (!). On top of that, I got hayfever so the doctor, along with antihistimines prescribed me Flixonase nasal spray. Which I...

 How can i cure a flea bite?

 Should I take myregular daily allergy pill (Claritin) if I am taking Tylanol Cold to treat a cold?

 What are the first symptoms of hay fever?
i have never suffered it before but i have really heavy eyes and sneezing and a tension headache type thing. could this be hay fever?...

 What causes some people to have allergies like hay fever ?
I'm really suffering at the moment with a stuffed up runny nose,and i feel like i'm talking with a clothes peg on my nose,
my throat also feels congested and scratchy,
what ...

 How do I get rid of cat dander in a room?
I am currently relocating and moving in with a room mate, and the room I am moving into is where his 2 cats were hanging out in. Since my son is moving with me and he and I will be sleeping in the ...

 My wife is bothered with sinusitis?
Anybody out there with any ideas for help. She has been to several doctors, but the problem persists....

Broken Hearted
Why Do I Always Have A Runny Nose?
I always have to blow my nose. It's something I have to do year round. I've talked to doctors, but they keep saying that it's "seasonal" allergies, even when I tell them that I have to blow my nose all the time, all year long.

I always have to have several packs of tissue near me, as I'm always afraid that it'll run out. It's true that it's bad during spring, but it's pretty much always bad.

I'm currently following a pollen desensitizing treatment, but I'm near the end and there still have been no significant improvements (or changements, for that matter). Using those nose sprays doesn't work either.

Anybody have any idea what's wrong and what I can do to stop it. I hate always having to blow my nose. I've had this problem for about 7 years now.

smashing the rearview mirror
I have "seasonal" allergies too and my nose is stuffy year round. I don't know what to tell you...maybe you should go back to the allergist (or whatever the name of the doc is that deals with allergies) and get tested again to see if you have any other allergies.

The Archive
Read this article...


you're not the only one with this kind of problem. They have discovered its caused by a fungus and there really isn't a treatment for it yet. Good luck.

If the doctors you visited told you that you have seasonal allergies their probably right. Here are some sites on how to correct seasonal allergies.

I think you have a weak immune system. You can strengthen it by exercising regularly, eating well and leading a healthy lifestyle.

Try sniffing the mucous back down your throat. That's where it's supposed to go. In time it'll be automatic: think of the saving in tissues and the relief your poor scnoz will feel!

My mum had the same problem. It turned out she had nasal pollops. I can't really tell you much about them. My mum had them quarterised, and this stopped the problem. It might be worth asking your GP?

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