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 How do you deal with a fragrance allergy?
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 Do you go to hospital if you have eaten a food product your allergic too?
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I wasnt havin the ...

 What are hives?
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 My sons allergies are really bad, runny nose swollen eyes any home remedies?
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 Anyone has kids with allergies/eczema who gets very itchy at night and barely sleeps?
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 I just had allergy testing done this morning (where they poke your back with different allergens) & my back is
real sore is that normal???...

 Why does orange juice make my throat itchy?
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Which is better for allergies benadryl or claritin?

Depends on the kind of allergies...I use claritin for sinus problems, and I've used Benedryl in the past for skin or medince allergies. Benedryl makes you really sleepy though.

its what works better for you, not what we say.
claritin knock off store brand works better for me

Darlene G
I would say Claritin. Benadryl can really dry you out and also make you very drowsy. I take the 24 hour (non-drowsy) Claritin and it works very well.

my nephew uses allerga for allergies but i like benadryl.claritin does'nt work for me.it depends on your body.but i would say benadryl

Ohhh, that all depends on how fast you want relief. I use over the counter Claritin daily and that helps supress allergy attacks, but if it is an attack and really bad, take the benedryl. I like the capsules with the red/white coat and the powder medication inside as opposed to the hard capsules. They seem to work better and faster. Anyway, good luck w/ that!

I prefer Allegra. It's precription and it actually works for me.

Neither. Claritin gave me 5 hour nosebleeds every month. Search Ningxia Red and find where you can buy it on the web. It's alittle expensive and bitter but it's worth it.

Dee H
benadryl puts you to sleep without helping the situation. Claritin as you can see is not that helpful either. One way you can tell is they sell it over the counter now.

I would say neither. I would go with a nasal steroid. It relieves almost all the symptoms of allergies with fewer side effects. Benadry can knock you out and dry you out. I find a lot of treatment failure with Claritin.

I use, and recommend Flonase-a nasal inhaler. Two sprays in each nostril once daily does the trick. It may take a few days to completely suppress symptoms. So, you could take some Chlortrimeton if you needed something to hold you over. It's an antihistamine that works about as well as Benadryl but, it's usually not as sedating. If you are older, or really susceptible to drowsiness from antihistamine, then take the Claritin instead. The Flonase should start to kick in the first day-but like I said, it may take a few days to get the full effect.

I start taking the Flonase in early Spring. I stop taking it in late Fall. Thus, I only take it when stuff is growing. I use to take antihistamines all the time. And, I also use to walk around in a daze, disconnected world. I haven't taken an antihistamine since starting the nasal steroid. I still walk around dazed and disconnected, but that's a different issue ;)

Don't worry about the side effects of steroids. By inhaling such a small amount, you really don't absorb enough to cause problems-except stay away from nasal steroids containing dexamethasone. And, it doesn't have to be Flonase-that just what I've used for years.

john e russo md
In my professional opinion diphenhydramine (Benadryl) should have been removed from the marked years ago. It is not more effective than other antihistamines although it does have the highest incidence of side effects. Loratadine (Claritin) is better. The dose is suggested to be 10 mg daily but many and perhaps most adults will require 20 mg daily. The 10 mg dose came about when the company initailly present loratadine to the Food and Drug Administration for approval as a prescription drug. The FDA said the dose was 20 mg while the company said it was 10 mg. The company did not object to the 20 mg dose so much as at that dose they would not be allowed to advertise that it was 'nonsedating'. After 77 months of arguing which is an FDA record for length of time to approval the FDA gave in and said that 10 mg was OK. Ironically sedation is not uncommon even at that dose.

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