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 Walnut allergies?
my daughter recently found out she is allergic to walnuts. what can I do to help her deal with this? medications, recommended doctors, food substitutes....?...

 Is it possible to develop a food allergy?
Ok so I used to really like tuna. I think it was maybe in 3rd grade when I stopped eating it as much. Then in 4th grade I tried it again, and it made my throat and mouth itchy, and gave me heartburn. ...

 Please help its argent? help!!!?
i dont know why but i have had a drink of chandy its only 5.3% in volume i havent even had half and am feeling weard like am drunk, am soooo dizzy and am finding it hard to trype and stand and when i ...

 Whenever I eat carrots, I get puffy and bubbly lips that itch like crazy! It's gross!?
Whenever I eat carrots, I get puffy and bubbly lips that itch like crazy! Is it allergies? They get really itchy and puffy, then my throat itches, and my lips feel like needles. ALLERGIES?

 How do I get rid of my allegric reaction to humidity?
First of all, I'm not allergic to the sun.
I used to joke that I'm a vampire, but I found humidity is the catalyst not the sun.
In wintertime I have no problems.


 Could my allergy pills make me feel tired and depressed?
i am taking ...

 Anyone know how to treat rashes(like) in arms..they look like goose bumps and they're not itchy.?

 What kind of milk can one use if one can't tolerate lactose?

 Allergic 2 latex?
i'm allergic to latex...
can i find a condom that isnt made of latex?...

 Whats a really good allergy medicine that is not non-prescription???
im dying at work!!!!...

 What is white with a black eye, but not a pea?

 What else can I eat?
I have recently become allergic to Bread, Yorkshire pudding, biscuits,cakes or something they all have in common, what else can I eat? (I miss the bread, the rolls with soup,some of the cakes.)...

 What are you allergic to?
im allergic to cucumbers on my face (rash) , johnsons body lotion(rash), cat fur (sneezing!), and avocado...i think...(weird bump on lip)...

 Why does my mouth itch when I eat an apple?

 What is Mono?
I know its a disease you get from kissing and sharing food and drinks but what does it do to you because a girl i know got it from her bf and does it go away?...

 Worst sinus headache of my life.?
I woke up this morning shivering inconvusively and my head throbbing. I also had a temperature. As the day went by the shivering and the fever went away, but the headache only got a little better. ...

so i randomly get hives all over my arms. i'l just be sitting there, and i'll get hives. i really dont understand?
i get them everyday, and i dont get them after i eat so i don't ...

 What is the best cure for a blocked nose?
bearing in mind its middle of the night so no medicine is available....

 After I eat fresh fruit the insides of my ears itch like crazy?
This happens when I eat peaches, apples, cherries, plums - almost any summer fruit. Anyone know how to fix this problem?...

 How do i find out what im allergic to?
i keep on getting allergies, but i don't know what to, i have all spots on my back and its starting to spread on my face, what is it? and what can i do?...

When i eat fruit my gums and throat sting..?
Does anyone else have this problem, if so is here anyway o stop it.

martin fantuzio
that happens when i eat Strawberries i dont eat them now best thing it to avoid them

No I don't have this problem, but it sounds like you are having a reaction from the acids that are in alot of the fruits. You should look up the different fruits that don't have acid in them.

yes the way to stop this is to stop eating fruit gums...

yes i have the same when i eat bananas its a slight allergy and no way of stopping it

Swap to eating fruit gums.

probably from the acids.

are you eating the branches as well

It sounds like a slight case of oral allergy syndrome. Do they itch too? Is it only the raw fruits that bother you? Oral allergy syndrome is linked with pollen allergies. I used to have it to nearly all raw fruits and vegetables. After being on desensitation shots for five years for my pollen allergies, my allergy to raw fruits and vegetables went away!

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