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Whats the best way to clear up the snot in my nose?
It is stuffy on one side and im tired of breathing out of mymouth because i am congested.

Use your finger it works good.

try blowing your nose. what you'll want to look into is a humidifier and a nasal irrigant such as a salene spray.

Get all the snot in your mouth and then spit it out in the sink. Take decongestant too.

Blow your nose to get the snot out.

To unstuff a stuffed-up nose, jump up and down in place for about a minute... guaranteed to clear up.

Let's Dance

Pipe cleaners?


In my experience, swimming in the gym indoor pool is the best way to clear my sinuses. The increased circulation combined with the water in the nose and mouth, loosens it up.

Laurie C
take a glass of warm water and mix in 1/4 teaspoon of salt then drop a few drops in each nostril and it may taste gross cause it will drip down the back of your throat but it works.

John S.
You can make up a simple saline solution at home with water, salt, and baking soda, and dispense it from a nasal spray bottle. You can also buy simple saline nasal spray from the drug store. Nasal sprays like Nafrin with decongestants do provide extra relief but one has to be careful of "rebound" with these where your nasal passages are clear for a while but then later constrict back to where they were congested before (or worse), and in the mean time, your body is getting a little addicted to that decongestant just to breath. Great pharmaceutical ploy to keep you buying that product!

I come from a family of pharmacists although I am not one myself. We just returned from the pulmonologist / lung doctor due to a cold which becomes life threatening when you have COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disorder) and the cold can descend into phneumonia, triggering a shut down of the lung function. The pulmonologist advised of a simple saline solution sprayed into the nasal passages four times a day to keep them clear and warned about the rebound effect with prescription nasal sprays, although such do not pose serious side effects...just inconvenient and frustrating ones at times.

Hope this helps!

take sudafed

It sounds really weird but if you're in bed for awhile - take a tissue and stick it up the stuffed up nose hole - then leave it there - i donno why it works but it works for me. But you obviously can't go out like that - Otherwise get some burts beeswax chapstick and put some under your nose - or you can even get vix and the mint smell will clear your nose.

Lee S
You can try taking an expectorant. It will help dry out the excess mucus without any extra medicine that you may not need. I am just getting over the flu and this was most helpful for me.


dimatape or sudafed

Marianne N
get some afrin. blow your nose really well and then squirt in the afrin and tilt your head back for the count of 10 it works amazingly well for several hours. don't do this more that 3 days before seeing a doctor if you are getting worse

I have allergies and suffered many years until I found out about nasal cleansing...basically in the shower use a neti pot with warm saline solution (salt water) to rinse out your nose - sounds gross but do it everytime you take a shower and you will see your congestion reduced a lot...BTW, you don't need a neti pot, you can use a plastic cup, a large eyedropper and some table salt...cheap and effective.

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