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 Can a 9 week baby have allergies?
my daughter is 9 wks old.. i took her for a walk last thursday and she seemed to get severly congested about half hour after we came home.. all morning before we left she was fine.. it is now monday ...

 Why does having a stuffy nose effect your taste so much?
I have a stuffed up nose, and i was just curious....

 I am scared of walls as i think they might eat me, is there any ointment to put on walls that dissolves them?
preferably it should smell of oranges or lemons as i love acidic fruits......

 Eye... HELP!!!!!?
Today when I woke up I noticed one of my eyelids was swollen. There is no pain, and my eye is a bit pink(you can barely notice it). Could it be pink eye? Though it does not itch. My eye just feels ...

 Should I keep a cat even if it causing allergy problems with my children ages 2 thru 7?
We got an indoor trained cat from our neighbor and my kids love him deeply. Just recently, my oldest child and youngest daughter have had a hacking cough that doesn't want to let up and my twin ...

 My daughter has tiny white bumps on her skin... what are they?
She has exzema but not bad....

 Does allergy shots work?

 I have recurrent Yeast infections for 4 years now, can this be from an allergy? Help!?
I have been suffering from recurrent yeast infections for over 4 years now, i have been on many antibiotics....nothing seems to work, now i am on a yeast diet...and herbal pills...and waiting for the ...

 Does anyone's lips swell up after eating?
every time i eat basically anything, my lips swell up and it looks like i've just had a make-out session. i've never really minded but i usually get the "your lips are swollen" ...

 How do i get rid of this stye????
i heard that using a cats tail works but i dont got a cat!!!!!!will it work if use a dog's tail????? please help ...

 Hard time swallowing food?
i am having a hard time swallowing solid food, so i have to blend most my food, my question is, even tho i mix my food will it be enough nutrients? i mean i know that bein able to eat solid food ...

 Is it true that if you put garlic or onions under your arm you will get sick?

 Why is hayfever worse on a morning and an evening?

 Metal allergy?
I got my ears pierced for the 3rd time a little less than a year ago. Well, by the end of the day, the little balls of scar tissue in my ear lobes swelled up, turned bright red, and itched and hurt a ...

 My son has rashes all over his body and we just found out that hes allergic to milk and eggs.?
the problem is that last night i bought him soy milk and he did not sleep all night because he didnt drink it, he took one sip and doesnt want it. He hasnt eaten all day today beacuse he doesnt like ...

 Tips or home remedies for nasal allergies?
I have been dealing with nasal allergies for months now. I feel fine, just a constant stuffy nose. I have tried Claritin and Claritin D. The first only works so-so and the other makes me a zombie. ...

 Is it normal to have nose bleeds? My friends like never had it and sometimes i break out. Is this normal?

 HELP?? My face looks burned!!?
Last night I used Dove Cream Oil on my face for the first time. And when i woke up this morning my face looked all burned. It's all red and feels a tiny bit sore now. I must be allergic to ...

 What's the best over-the-counter medication for allergies?
I have severe allergies and must take either Sudafed (which makes me "high") or Benadryl (which puts me to sleep). Any other over-the-counter meds that work well?...

 How can i get rid of allergies?
i get allergeis in nose n gullet n throat due to fine dust n after a lot of speech n due to souring ...

What kind of decongestant can be taken while taking synthroid?

Additional Details
for hypothyroidism? Am very stopped up in my nose area. Post nasal drip is pretty rough too and irritating my throat and chest areas.

The Chesire Cat
even though not directly related, you want to take something that does not contain pseudo-ephedrine..

I would head to your local pharmacy and ask the pharmacist to show you the OTC options they currently carry that do not contain this certain ingredient...

contact your MD and follow the advice of the on-call doctor.

Drug Interactions Checker
Drug interaction results for the following 2 drug(s):

pseudoephedrine (sudafed)
levothyroxine (synthroid)

Interactions between your selected drugs
No results found - however, this does not necessarily mean no interactions exist. ALWAYS consult with your doctor or pharmacist.

Other drugs that your selected drugs interact with
• There are 216 other drugs known to interact with sudafed (pseudoephedrine)

• There are 1141 other drugs known to interact with synthroid (levothyroxine)

I checked sudafed but you can go to this link and check other decongestants that you would like to take. Check to see if they interact in any negative way with synthroid.


From Thyroid-Info.com

Q. What about Over the Counter Drugs Like Cough Medicines, Cold Medicines, Decongestants?

Most packages of over-the-counter cough and cold medicines and decongestants say "Do not take if you have one of the following..." and then goes on to list thyroid disease. While you should always check with your doctor, it's generally understood that this warning is more applicable for people with hyperthyroidism (overactive thyroid) than hypothyroidism (underactive thyroid). Because these drugs contain stimulants, the logic is for someone with hyperthyroidism to avoid adding even further stimulation or strain on the heart from these drugs. That said, some people with hypothyroidism do find that they become sensitive to ingredients like pseudoephedrine, what you'd typically find in Sudafed or other decongestants. Some doctors will recomend you try only a partial dose, and see if you have a reaction, and only then try to work you way up to the normal dose and see if it bothers you.


I take flonase.

Jeremy B
Check Webmd...it is a good site checked by doctors

I feel your pain! Avoid anything with sudafed ingredients. On the label underneath the ingredients there is usually a disclaimer or blurb that says "consult your doctor before taking this medication if your have a thyroid disorder or have high blood pressure"

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