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What is wrong with me, aches all over the body.?
I have body aches (flue/ fever like aches) all over. 2 of my internal medical doctor told me nothing wrong. But one said I have seasonal allergy, so gave me Flonaise, and Dingulair, later added Allegra-D. Been on it for 3 month. Indeed, I suffer from a seasonal allergy every Spring, but has never been on this much meds, besides this year got sinus infection. I was on ZPack for 10 days (Antibiotic). That was all in the first week of March. Body aches are not symptom of allergy, its a viro from what I understand, But last week, my 2nd opinion doctor (board Certified Internal MD) told me nothing is wrong with me. Well, something is wrong with me~! I have aches, has no energy, light headed, belly feels like got virus. No fever, nothing.

Hilary S
Wow!! Man your sick! Maybe it's the combo of the medications... But if that's not it... watch "House" that show rocks!!!! They explore the field of undiagnosed and mysterious cases!!!!!

I am not a physician, so I can't tell you what is wrong. But I can say that you need a third, maybe even a fourth opinion. First, trust your instincts, if you think something is wrong, advocate for yourself. Second, don't be pushed into taking any prescriptions you don't think you need. They might think that giving you a "harmless" pill will get you, a troubling patient, out of their office. The antibiotics may have caused your upset stomach, and your aches might be any number of things. I personally suffer from fibromyalgia. I was told for years that my pain and fatigue were only imagined. It took time and determination, but I eventually got the help I needed. Don't give up!

you might have mono [a.k.a the kissing disease] but it can just be from exchanging spit from others.

Hi OneAfter99

Here are some ideas on how to heal the issue. You also need to learn about cleansing the body of toxins by doing a colon and liver cleanse to heal for long term.

Cause of Allergies
Overall, the underlying causes of allergy and sensitivity are dietary and lifestyle factors specifically titled as imbalanced immune function, barrier function default (such as "leaky gut" syndrome), and toxic overload. Each of these are, in varying degrees, responsible for the development and continuation of allergy and sensitivity.

Herbal Medicine: There are a variety of herbs that offer relief from allergies, such as goldenseal, red sage, and goldenrod. To reduce mucus, try astringents such as yarrow and myrrh (Commiphora myrrha). These help to contract inflamed tissues and reduce secretions and discharges. To strengthen immune response use echinacea, astragalus root, goldenseal root, and Pfaffia paniculata (suma or Brazilian ginseng). These herbs can be effective and safe for treating weakened immune systems.

Cayenne pepper is a favorite herb among those treating allergy patients. The active ingredient is a strong anti-inflammatory, and it is recommend to allergy suffers, including asthma patients, as a simple and effective treatment. Sprinkling liberal amounts of the pepper on meals for a few days can provide relief.

Although herbal remedies have shown excellent results in reducing allergy/sensitivity symptoms, using herbs to treat allergies involves an individual approach. Some particularly effective anti-inflammatory herbs are stinging nettle, Ginkgo biloba, and licorice. Chinese skullcap, ephedra, and feverfew are others to consider for treating allergy symptoms. Patients whose conditions are severe should consult with a trained herbalist or naturopath.

A major symptom of allergies is gastrointestinal upset, including bloating, gas, abdominal pain, diarrhea, and nausea. Demulcent herbs can alleviate these symptoms (demulcent is a term used by herbalists to describe an herb that has a protective effect on the mucous membranes by minimizing irritation). The most commonly used herbs are marshmallow, slippery elm bark, cabbage juice, okra, fenugreek, and aloe vera.

Homeopathy: Homeopathy has widespread applications for the treatment of allergies. In many situations, minute diluted doses of the substance a person is allergic to can be prepared as a homeopathic solution that triggers the body`s natural ability to heal itself.

Homeopathic remedies are best prescribed by a competent homeopath. Self-diagnosis is discouraged due to the variety of factors that must be considered before the appropriate treatment is selected. However, the following remedies can be helpful: Ferrum phos, lycopodium, and silica.

Juice Therapy: A juice fast of organic vegetable juices for 2-3 weeks can help detoxify the body, thus improving its ability to cope with allergies. Two useful juice combinations for this purpose are beet, carrot, and cucumber; and carrot and celery. For added benefit, add a small piece of ginger root to either juice combination.

Best of health to you

Doctor J
Hi Oneafter. You are smarter than your doctors. Clearly, you have something wrong with you. If your docs were honest and/or competent, they would tell you they do not know what is causing your symptoms, rather than 'denying' your symptoms by saying 'there is nothing wrong with you'.

Chronic body pains can be caused by lot of COMMON conditions that quacks (oops, I mean many M.D.s) have not studied. I will list a few examples of things you should be tested for. Something IS causing your symptoms. You may need to find a good Naturopathic Physician, Chiropractor, Certified Clinical Nutritionist (CCN) or that rare medical doctor trained in nutrition, environmental medicine, and/or functional medicine to help you find and fix your problem.

Here are some potential causes of your symptoms:

1) Heavy metal toxicities - lead, mercury, cadmium, arsenic, aluminum, etc.

2) Vitamin/mineral and other nutritional deficiencies. These are way more common that is generally recognized. For example, Vitamin D deficiency is now an epidemic and can cause pains that mimic what is usually labeled 'fibromyalgia'.

3) Chronic, silent infections in the teeth and jaw bones after tooth extractions and/or root canals. These appear to be very common, but rarely recognized by the dental profession.

4) Food allergies/intolerances.

5) Chemical sensitivities.

6) Chronic (often silent) intestinal disorders that allow bacteria or toxins to leak into and poison the body, such as: 1)Leaky Gut Syndrome (from use of pain killers like Advil, Motrin, and Alleve), 2) Intestinal Dysbiosis (an imbalance in the types of microflora living in the gut, usually caused by used of Antiobitics and/or poor diets), and 3) Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth (caused by use of antacids, such as Nexium, Prilosec, Pepcid, etc.).

Obviously, there is a lot here to 'think about'. You really need to find a doctor that knows about these issues. You can also do a lot to educate yourself. Here are a few books that can help you:

1) "The Roots of Disease" by Robert Kulacz, DDS and Thomas Levy, MD.

2) "Pain Free in 6 Weeks" and "Detoxify or Die" by Sherry Rogers, MD.

Best wishes and good luck.

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