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 Can Penicillin allergies be genetic.?
It looks like my daughter is allergic and my grandmother just told me my grandfather was highly allergic to penicillin too. Can the reaction also get worse over time if they continue to be given ...

 I have a two year old cold&dust allergy. how to cure?
I have a two year old cold&dust allergy. i always have a sour nose. can anyone tell me about a YOGA exercise or MEDITATION HEALING to cure this? or anything else. i dont like to absorb chemicals....

 Sinus trouble?
my nose is real congested, runs sometimes and my cheek bones are tender when i touch them and have a cough whats the best thing to take for ...

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this has been happening for the last one ...

 How manytimes do you say the serinity prayer?
i say it atleast 3 times a ...

 Can anyone give me information on eosinophilic esophagitis?
I am curious about this conditon. Is there a cure for it? Do infants with it grow out of it?...

 Can you be allergic to alcoholic beverages?
if so, how do you know if you are?...

 My WEIRD allergies! HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
OK. Im very allergic to fish, cats, ragweed, and dust. My question is, how come i can eat tuna but not other fish? that is weird. i know. i dont really like tuna, but one time i ate it cos my cuz had ...

 Need A Good Air Purifier Please Help Need As Many Suggestions As Possible?
can people please recommend good air purifiers for allergies and asthma price can go up to $170 its for a bedroom pretty sure the room is between 200-300 square feet and i would prefer one that you ...

 Does anybody know, anything that gives good relief from hay fever?
I've tried loads of different pills, sprays, eye drops etc, but nothing seems to work very well.
I'm open to herbal remedy suggestions too....

 Can you develope a peanut allergy later on in life?
My mom says she suddenly had an allergy to peanuts after university. Is this possible?
I'm eating a lot of peanut butter and would like to know anything useful you can give me....

 How do you tell the difference between a mosquito bite and a spider bite?
I was down in a ravine for a few hous and ended up with a couple of bites. I thought they were only mosquito bites but one on my arm has turned into a kind of welt and is quite itchy. Also, does ...

 I have a SUPER DRY throat every morning what can this be???
this hs been happening for the last weeks, I wake up with an incredibly dry throat up to the point where i cant swallow until i drink something! and my nose is dry, my eyes are extremely dry (i'...

 Cool or warm mist humidifier for allergies? please help i cant breathe?

 Would be possible to develop eczema as an alergic reaction after anesthesia?
My baby had surgery for the ear tubes and one week later and by first time, eczema showed up on his skin. I read that eczema can be due to an inmunological response and I'm wondering if the ...

 Can you buy Unscented Shampoo & Conditioner?
I am not allergic to scents that are in hair care products...but my husband is. I have had to throw away everything that I have.
He can't be around perfumes of any kind his toungue gets ...

 Can a person with Celiac Disease eat cows that have been fed wheat?

Additional Details
I'm just wondering if will effect me....

 Can you give me detail information about food allergy?
friends please tell in brief definition of food allergy,symptoms,precautions,cures,list of the food which causes allergy?...

 Is there something I can do about my allergies?
I'm allergic to any kind of seafood, chicken, strawberries, and nuts... And it's driving me crazy!!! I practically can't eat anything!!! Help!!!...

 Why am I allergic to in digestive biscuits?
If I eat digestive biscuits I get a really tight chest as if I have asthma. What would be in the biscuits that might cause this. I don't have a problem with bread....

What is the yellow sticky stuff coming out of my nose?
My mom said it was something like puss.

it's called mucus. everybody has it, part of the filtration system of the sinus. It's yellow due to bacterial infection. go to an ear nose and throat doctor to get the rundown, and to fix your inflamed sinus

snot??? i'm sure it's not a cat (puss).

mucus or snot

Yeah. Goop. Bacteria.

Dr Archi J
Yellow sticky secretion (mucus) from nose may be because of long standing cold,bacterial or fungal infection ,hey fever or sinusitis.sometimes it may be due to some rare infections.

Use plenty of water specially hot soups.
Use humidifier or vapouriser.
Take saline nasal spray.

If discharge persist or foul smelling discharge present or if you have fever then visit an E.N.T. specialist.

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