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Lynn T
What if you have diarrhea 30 minutes after eating and some of the food is not digested or comes out whole?

Patient Paws
Its possible to have diarrhea 30 minutes after eating, but it wont come out whole. [1, you chew it, and 2 It may not even be the same meal]. It takes a while for the food to reach the point where it can be placed into the colon for excretion by the body.

Most of the time the bodys reaction to something it identifies as a toxin is to get rid of it as fast as possible, be it vomiting or diarrhea.

I'd suggest going to the doctor and having tests run if this occurs alot, you may have a serious problem with your digestive system or it could be a food allergy that you're unaware of.

This will not happen. It takes a very long time for food to digest (12-48 hours). If you have diarrhea 30 minutes after a meal, it will be food that you have eaten several hours before.

I agree with Sara. I have this when I eat corn because of a corn allergy.

casey- Just to let you know that you can have diarrhea 30 mins after a meal and it be that meal. I have a food allergy and If I eat the food I have diarrhea sometimes even as soon as 10 mins after eating that food. Don't give wrong information.

It can be a food allergy that is causing this. You could be lactose intolerant, or be allergic to gluten (which I am). Get it checked out by a doc!

My aunt has had her gull bladder removed and now occasionally has this issue but it only occurs with certain foods. I am unsure which foods, though.

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