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 Why is my throat producing a lot of mucus lately?
I was sick about a month ago and i still seem to be producing a lot of mucus. Every morning i have to cough up a loogie or blow my nose, it gets really annoying. Sometimes even the mucus gets stuck ...

 How to prevent nose allegy?
When I am at work, and I do some filing,the dust that comes off the files starts making my left nostrils extremely itchy and I try to hold the water that comes from the nostrils, but it start ...

 What may cause an allergic reaction to Band-Aids and adhesive tape(s), and what can be used as a replacement?
In a recent hospital visit, after nurses put in an I.V. site, the area around the adhesive tape became very red and tender. A minor rash broke out, but recently cleared up when the tape was removed. ...

 Why do our eyes and face look swollen when we wake up?

 Which allergy medicine works best?
I tried Alegera D as a sample from my Doc and it worked really well for me. My insurance won't cover it but i heard there are some genarics that work just as well. I tried Loratadine but it ...

 How do I know if my trouble breathing is asthma or just allergies?
I'm not aware of any allergies but lately at certain times of the day, mainly after 2pm, I struggle to take deep breathes. It's like there are weights on my lungs that won't allow ...

 What causes allergies?
why do people have different allergies? and why do people reaction in different ways to the same allergy?...

 Causes for allergies?

 Why people have nose?????????????????????...
i want to ask u that some hate each other
the god had made this world so why people ...

 Where are the best places to live if you have severe allergies?
I live in Tennessee and would consider relocation if it helped better my quality of life....

 I have recently been informed that I have an iron overload and am having trouble finding foods without iron.?
I was wondering if anyone could be helpful in giving me dietary tips that I can work with to consume nutrition without the iron. Everything is fortified these days and I am craving good substance....

 I think i'm allegic to fruit......?
Is that wierd?? Everytime I eat fruit either my throat gets ichy, my stomach hurts, a starts feeling week, or i get heart burn. Are there any doctors out there that can tell me whats going on??...

 Nowadays, mosquitoes made very big problems.Is any living being to eat mosquitoes like ant-eater ?

 My sister has a friend who says she is allergic to water?
Is this possible?...

 What is the best allergy medication?
Right now I take a combination of Claritin and Chlorpheniramine (like chlor-trimetron) but it doesn't work on the really bad days....

 How can you take down swelling?
I got stung by a mosquito or some kind of bug and under my eye is swollen. Its horrible to look at. How can I take it down as quick as possible....

 Throte allergy.?
Dear sir,

My sister is 15 year old.She has Asthma,and get treated and recover a bit but it comes any time ,it is one problem.The other problem is she has got allergy in her throte,it ...

 What is a good way to reduce symptoms of pollen allergies?
Another reason to fear the warm summer day. If you have suggestions other than constantly taking acetominophen pills, that would be prime....

 PLEASE help, i have terrible allgeries???
hi i am on allgera and just had to take 2 bendryol because my throat feels clogged and really dry, i aknow its allgeries but why is the allgera not kicking in, i took it this morning....any one know ...

 Am I allergic to fruit and vegies?
When i eat, apples, watermelon, cucumbers, oranges, and other stuff... my gums itch, and sometimes i get a rash thing on the inside of my lip. help me. why is it doing that to ...

What happens to you when you eat something that you are allergic to?

Stomach cramps, diahrea at the most.

Death... rarely though.

you might get swelling and hives and all that kinda stuff but sometimes you can die from it but its rae to die from allergies

Louie P
Hives, swelling , itching, depending on problem and allergic reaction, trouble with breathing

Vampire Kitty
Well my sister is very allergic to perch (type of fish) and she gets hives and throws up but for me....
I'm allergic to yeast and I just get really dizzy, nauseous (never throw up though) and basically feel like sheit.
Hope this helped.

Too hard to answer - it depends on what your allergic to and what your reaction is to that item you have consumed. Some people have an immediate anaphylactic reaction others have a minor reaction like a rash and a tonne of other reactions too many to mention.

If I eat something I'm allergic to, the roof of my mouth gets itchy and it feels wrinkly like a raisin's texture. I'm lucky that I haven't had a really bad experience like anaphalactic shock or anything like that.

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