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 Why does my nose run when i drink beer?

 If I'm allergic to cats and dogs, will I be allergic to a parrot?
Hello, guys, I'm going to get a skin test in a couple of weeks, but I'm just curious if there's a possibility that I might have an allergy for a bird? Or it's not relevant? Who ...

 Do I have sinus allergies?
For about a week, I have had a runny nose and watery eyes. My nose just keeps on running and it'll stay dry for a while but later on I'll start to sneeze and the running starts again. I ...

 My son, 1yr and 4mnths keeps having a running nose, what drugs can cure it?

 What could cause nose bleeds?

 Something wrong with my nose?
I have always had a problem with my nose: it is stuffed all year long! I can't breathe through it when I lay down or if I breathe through my mouth, like after running. Sometimes, even if I ...

 My body seems to reject the following foods: please read all of me =]?
Hey Guys,

For the past 3-4 months i've been having problems with foods i eat. they either make me vomit violently, send me to the toilet!, or make me extremely sleepy and headachy. I ...

 My boyfriend has really bad hay fever...?
and is allergic to dust and all sorts of scents eg perfumes and body lotions. Sometimes something will trigger his coughing & sneezing & it'll go on for most of the night. Are there any ...

 Is there such thing as being allergic to deodorant? I have dark spots under both arms like bruises.?

 How can I protect my skin against sun allergies?
I never used to suffer from them when I was younger but these past few years whenever I go abroad I get red heat bumps/rash on my chest and shoulders. I've tried using the Piz Buin allergy sun ...

 I have mold in my house how do i clean it?

 What can I do when I am allergic to ALL types of Rubber Gloves?
I work at a job where I am required to wear rubber gloves at all times because I handle food. The gloves int eh department where I work are vinyl, powder free, and hypoallergenic but my hands have ...

 I ate a food that I was allergic to and didn't get an allergic reaction. What's going on?
I've always thought I was allergic to seafood ever since experiencing an allergic reaction to it as a child. But yesterday, I was hungry and the only thing I could find was tuna so I bit the ...

 During the summer time my nose is runny. But during winter there is absolutely no problem.?
Even sometimes i have to make lot of sneezing at the morning when i get up from bed. what to do?...

 Why does my nose still get stopped up?
Every year around winter time, I get a cold. A few weeks later, I get better. It never fails. But this year when I got better my nose stayed stopped up. It's July and my nose still needs blowing ...

 Honey for hay fever sufferer?
ive been told honey is good for hay fever, anyone heard of this?...

 Why would lettuce make you sick?
I gave up eating lettuce because I got sick so many times after it with bad stomach cramps. It took me a long time to identify the source of the problem. Could I be allergic to lettuce, or could ...

 What is it in warm milk that makes you sleepy?

 My body itches after taking phentermine is that normal?

 Is there yeast in cheese? We are allergic to yeast and the doctor is saying don't eat any cheese. Why??

Additional Details
I did have testing and both my son and I were diagnosed with a severe allergy to yeast. I just did not understand how this related to cheese....

What happens if u take milk that's been expired for a week?
if it's skim 1%. will it affect one in any kind of way?

depends, does it smell or is it chunky?

otherwise it should be fine i think?

why would you drink chunky milk

Maybe diarrhea. Maybe not. You should know within the next day

Lora T
you may get sick

If it does not taste sour, it is still good to drink. Sour milk can still be used in baked goods. Just don't use it if it smells rotten instead of sour.

Might just make you puke but shouldnt last long

actually milk is good for 10 days after expiration date...though not as fresh tasting as before date runs out.

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