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KayLa H
What does swollen glands mean if it comes with a stuffy nose and sore throat?

I would say some advanced viral infection and are you achy???
If your achy around your kidneys it might be mumps or mono

Chris K
"Swollen glands" are your lymph nodes, essentially the immune system of your body. When fighting an infection, e.g. a cold, the lymph nodes kill the bacteria and the waste is sent to the lymph nodes, which is why they are swollen. You seem to have URI, an upper respiratory infection, or a "cold." If it continues for an abnormal amount of time (more than 2 weeks), see your doctor.

Possible strep throat, get a swab on your throat from your Dr. untreated strep can cause damage to your heart as time goes by.

It means you're body is fighting off whatever virus is causing the cold/sore throat. Usually the ones under my chin swell when I get sick. Take some tylenol if they hurt too much.

Umm Dat Meanz U R Sick && U Need 2 Go 2 Da Doctor!!

Swollen glands or nodes generally mean that you have a virus or a severe bacterial process (bacterial infection). This may resolve on its own--if you are able to get some good rest in. Very often this is what happens: 1st a person gets worn down. When this happens, our defenses are down because our immune system is not as strong as it should be. Our bodies naturally contain many different types of micro organisms (such as bacteria). When our defenses are down, these microbes are actually able to infect us! These are called opportunistic bacteria. This usually starts with a stuffy/runny nose, which can lead to a post nasal drip (snot runs down the back of your throat from your sinuses), or the infection can spread to your larynx (throat)--either of these can cause a sore throat. There will often be a cough that follows the sore throat. All the while, your body is trying hard to get rid of the microbes....thus the swollen glands. If you look in the mirror and see some whitish plaques in your throat, then this infection may be strep (an opportunistic invader!).

Another user suggested a URI (upper respiratory infection), but I doubt this to be the case...it could turn into one though, so get some rest! Good Luck!

Dr. M

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