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tiffany a
What does it mean when you feel like your throat is closing up?
after you eat? this has happened to me twice already and i felt like i was gasping for air and couldn't get any.eventually i was breathing again but couldn't get over the shock.it's happened to me twice already. i was thinking maybe i was allergic to something but it couldn't have been anything i hadn't eaten before.

Typical allergic reaction symptoms. just because you weren't allergic to something before does mean your not now. Sometimes it takes a while before your sensitivity to something increases. poison ivy is an example. most people that get poison ivy are more sensitive to it the next time they come into contact with it.

It could be an allergy. Some food allergies actually get worse with each exposure, so you could actually have more severe symptoms with each exposure. (For example, I hate peanut butter and peanuts for 25 years before i started experiencing throat swelling and lip swelling and went to the doctor and found out I was allergic to peanuts.) It's definitely worth getting checked out. They now have a blood test they can do; all they do is take your blood like they would for any blood test and they test it for all kinds of foods. If it's not that, the doctor still might be able to give you an idea of what is going on. Good luck.

Rainbow Brite
u could have asthma or be having an allergic reaction. try taking something like benadryl. if it doesnt go away within an hour or so, go to a hospital.

get tested for food allergies.

It sounds to me like you were having an allergic reaction to something. When your throat is swelling shut like that, it's an allergic reaction. It's possible that you could have had an allergic reaction to something you ate. I'm not a doctor, but that is just what it sounds like to me.

It means your throat is closing up and you need to call 911 because you can die.
It's called anaphylaxis.
You are allergic to something in your food, and you need to get checked.

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