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 Is it possible to be allergic to cabbage?

 Sunscreen: I'm Allergic, what is a good alternative?
At 1st I thought it was just the brand , but I am allergic to sunscreen all together, and I get sunburn easily, Very sensitive skin. ANY SUGGESTIONS WILL BE GREATLY APPRECIATED!!! Any natural ...

 I have problems pooing, sometimes for 6/7 days! Been that same for about 2years, fibre drinks don't help?

 Is generic allergy medicine (equate crap) just as good as the name brand stuff? (claritin, etc.)?
The value of generics is a ton more.....

 Who's having really bad allergies.?
U itch, scatch, eyes water, and u just feel like crap. I just wanna know who deals with the same stuff I do....

 Is it not exceptionally hot in the bay area, california?

 Is it possible?
My daughter has had a rash for 14 days now. She's been taking steriods to help the rash go away and it's not helping. We are trying to figure out what is causing the rash and the doctor ...

 Do you have Allergies?
what do you think the number one cause for having allergies is? (straight up answer)...

also, do you have allergies? Y/N
If your answer is yes were you breast fed as a baby?


 What would cause a person to swell so badly that his legs show no ankles or knees?
This person also gains 10-15 lbs. almost over night. This person is also on 200mg.of Methadone and has never had this problem before. The severe swelling lasted for 1 week and then disapated. No ...

 I am getting a sore throat and I need to know what will work quickly to clear it up.Any suggestions?

 I think my mom's allergic to alcohol and I drank some. Now I'm itching like crazy, what do I do?
I think my mom's allergic to alcohol and I drank some 5 days ago. Everytime she drinks, which is not that often, she tells me that she gets rashes and itches or something. I drank some on S...

 How can my cat and allergic boyfriend coexist?

 What is a good substitute for the whole egg when baking?
My daughter is allergic to the whole egg so I can't use Egg Beaters or anything that contains parts of the egg. My problem with baking cakes is that it doesn't rise well just adding extra ...

 Allergies anyone?
if you do have allergies could you tell me them and how severe

My allergies:eggs, wheat and gluton,dairy,pineapple and apples, all of them extremely severe i have to take 12 pills a day ...

 How is the best way to clear a blocked nose?
I have recentley been suffering to hayfever and a blocked nose ts really annoying and makes me lose sleep, how is the best way to cure a blocked nose?
Additional Details
Yes im in UK and ...

 How do I clear out my nose efficiently? I'm finding that my nose is more and more stuffier?
I've tried using tissues but it's just weird my nose does not seem to feel clear and dirt ...

 Allergy medicines. Claritin or Zyrtec?
Which do you use and prefer? Have you used both and noticed a difference? Thanks and peace-...

 I've recently learned I'm allergic to wheat...everything has wheat...?
I love begals and sandwiches is there bread out there somewhere that doesn't have wheat?...

 Do I have a wheat intolerance?
after I eat shredded wheat or an oat muesli I always get Heartburn.
Additional Details
I dont get it after eating bread or pasta though......

 My mother-in-law has a hard time talking and eating her throat feels like closing in any suggestions?

What do I do it feels like something is stuck in my nose like maybe a bug or something?
I went to the freezing cold springs yesterday and never even got my upper body wet because it was so freaking cold. Anyway we did go on a little walk in the woods and since i've been back it feels like something is lodged in my nose like a bug or something. I have blown it 100 times and put peroxide in with a qtip and looked up it.....Nothing! could this be dangerous? can't really afford to go to the Dr. Any Suggestions aside from stupid stuff like pick it or it's a booger because it is definatelly not a booger
Additional Details
No....no cold, nose not stuffy at all

Leah M
sniff pepper to make you sneeze

Have you made yourself sneeze? Catch a whiff of some pepper and sneeze.

sneeze ,,,,,sneeze ,,,,,,,SNEEZE

If it was a bug wouldnt you feel vibration or hear buzzing?

I'd be freaked out.

Maybe you have a cold and your nose is stuffy.

does it hurt? if its that bad then da best thing would be to see a doctor... but for now, try sneezing it out.

hope it comes out!

good luck!

Yikes, that bites.
Take a super steamy shower...after several minutes of breathing the steam try blowing it out in there, maybe you'll see the little tyke go down the drain.
Best wishes.

rocker chick
blow it out!!!

if its a bug then turn off all the lights and get into a completely dark room. then shine a flashlight up to your nose and it should go towards the light

Matthew 1st Gospel
watch the movie "Total Recall" and see Arnold Swarznegger pull something big out of his nose....

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