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What are random nose bleeds a symptom of?
I always get nose bleeds at the most randomest places...
i just got a nose bleed for some reason...
while i was on the computer...
can anyone tell me?

a saline mist nose drops would help your nose from drying out & bcome irritated

i think your blood is too thin.so get your blood checked by the dr.

Most of time nose bleeds are caused because of either high blood pressure or dry skin within your nostril which can get scratched or crack and begin bleeding. Nosebleeds are quite common in colder dry winter weather.

these random nose bleeds could be due to a random vessel having any type of weak spot. stress, slight contact, an increase in heart rate can all cause for these nose bleeds to occur. just try to stay calm when the occur and they will become shorter. the usually stop as you become older.

There are so many things that can cause nose bleeds that it's impossible to really pin it down without more detail.

For instance:
1)Blood pressure
2)Dry winter air
3)Diabetes: When I was small I would ALWAYS get nose bleeds when I had eaten too much sugar.
4)Extraordinarily thin, fragile capillary walls in your nose
5)Various drug addictions- though I doubt that's your case.
6) Assorted other conditions.

If I were you, I would start by keeping a humidifier or a pan of water on some source of heat. Then go get a check-up to eliminate health problems.

Good luck!

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