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What's the best way to unclog your ears?
i have missed 3 days of school and i cant hear anything i need a non painful solution

Debrox, which you can buy "over the counter" in any store softens up the wax, but what I have found works the best is a drop of mineral oil or baby oil which will dissolve the wax and the wax will drain out on its own over the next day. Needless to say, keep the ear that you are putting the solution into facing up long enough for the solution to get far enough into your ear that it comes into contact with the wax.
Do NOT put any objects in your ear to "dig" the wax out (especially q tips) as they may push the wax further in, or in the worst case scenario, puncture your eardrum.
If the mineral oil doesn't work, see your primary doc or an ENT if you feel so inclined...If you see them first without trying the Debrox or mineral oil, they will tell you to do that first and if it doesn't work to come back and they will "lavage" the wax out with water. If you have fevers/ chills, dizziness or ringing in your ears see a doctor sooner, so they can have a look inside, something besides just wax may be the culprit.

Dr.John L
Use a cotton swab dipped un a little baby oil. Best of all though is to see an ENT speialist

Hold your nose and cover your mouth and blow as hard as you can, if your ears don't pop it sounds like you mightv have wax build up. I would go to the E.R. at your local hospital and have them look at it. Don't just do nothing.

liquid paraffin can do

Ronald M
Don't listen to these people... the options given can damage your hearing permanently if not prescribed for your condition or performed improperly.

To unclog your ears, first try the Valsalva maneuver. Breathe in through your mouth and pinch your nose lightly such that you can barely breathe through it. Then, exhale gently and if they aren't too badly clogged your ears will pop. Another option is to fill your mouth with air and gently push it upwards towards your nose... you should feel a rising pressure and the sensation in your ears which should pop.

Other options include taking medicine. Something like Claritin D or Sudafed should, over the course of the day, loosen up the mucus or whatever is clogging your ears. It is also helpful to take long steamy showers where you breathe the steam in through your nose and exhale through your mouth. Also, try drinking more water. The more you drink the more whatever is clogging your ears will become diluted - making it easier for it to drain.

Other than that, see a doctor or an ENT. They may prescribe something stronger like Nasonex. Never put anything into your ear, especially liquids and burning objects, without the advice of your doctor.

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