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There is an insect bite on my hand and it swelled up my whole fist. what should i use to reduce the swelling?

hawaii gurl 06
I got stung by a bee yesterday on my toe and now there is nine inches of swelling...all the way past my ankle etc.

I would suggest taking benadryl, and icing it. Two things I didn't do but that I wish I did.

Obviously, if it doesn't improve then you should see a medical professional.

go to the doctor or put a hot wet cloth on your hand!

first you have a bad reaction. I would take a BENADRYL tablet to counter act the poison. then to reduce the swelling I would say ice it. if the benadryl doesnt work then you need to see a doctor.

i would use benadryl tabelts and it wouldnt hurt to get the benadryl lotion or calamine lotion and also make sure you clean the bite good and use peroxide on it to help keep infection away and after it starts to go down maybe use a antibiotic cream if it starts pussing up or becomes feverish go to the med center or your doctor a.s.a.p. good luck!

ice and take some benadryl
if this does not work then please seek medical help

If you see red streaks up your arm, go to a doctor immediately.

you might be allergic to that bug and need medical help


robert p
See a doctor.

Ice should take down the swelling. You could also try a Benedryl or Anti-histimine allergy pill since you are having an allergic reaction to the bite.

You dont need to run to the e.r or doctor right away. All bug bites are different sometimes where I get bit it swells up too and gets hot and red.. My doctor gave me zyrtec which basicilly is Benadryl so get some of that first and take it also try soaking it in warm water with epsom salt it draws out the poison if there is any and brings down the swelling..

Use rubbing alcohol and also take some antihistamine. The swelling is a sign that you have an allergic reaction. If the swelling persist however i would suggest you go to your doctor, if more serious don’t hesitate to go to the emergency room in the nearest hospital.

Better safe than sorry.
It would be good to know what bug bit you, just to be on the safe side and future occurrences.

Go to a hospital before your hand turns green and falls off

You definitely got an allergic reaction.... Do you know what bit you? I live in the desert (Lake Havasu, Arizona) and we have some horrible bug's out here. I keep benedryl with me at all times in case of bite's,.it's an antihistamine and counter acts the poison from a bite, and can give you enough time to go to a doctor if needed. Take some and the swelling should go down. We even give it to our dog's when they get bit . Go to a doctor if the swelling doesn't go down or if you get red streaks up your arm. Good luck.... Let us know!

Debbie L.
you are allergic to what ever bit you. My grandson was bit by a spider and his whole arm swelled up. If you have scratched it alot it could be that you have caused it to inflame. You should see a doctor.

Yesterday I got stung by a wasper on the thumb. Today there is no redness,swelling,pain or itching.Here is what I did and may work for your bug bite too.
I went straight to the kitchen sink, tore off a paper towel and wet it and let it lay on the counter. I got some tobacco(about 2 TBS) put that on the paper towel and wet that too. I kinda made a wad out of the tobacco, so it would be good and moist as well. Then I tore off enough of the wet paper towel and tobacco and wrapped it around my thumb and sat down and stayed still for an hour. I then took it off and threw it away.

The tobacco will draw out the poison. It does better if you use it right away though. I hope you're not allergic to tobacco.

Try ice first, but watch the area. Spider bites commonly cause that kind of swelling and it can kill off that tissue. Go to a doc if it gets any worse. You'll be sorry if you don't.

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