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 Runny nose queston?
i have a runny nose. i know i dont have the cold. the runny nose color is not yellow or snot color. its clear colored..very runny. its not thick. watery? clear colored. runs out often..with lots of &...

 Does wal mart sell mattress covers(allergy covers) and pillow covers?
I have been itchy for about 2 years and my doctor's can't find anything wrong. I think it's alergies to dust. I would like to find bedding to protect me from dust and dustmites....

 What's wrong with my eye? it's swollen on my top lid.?
it started yesterday. on the right corner of my lid is red and swollen. it also hurts when i blink or touch it. is it a pink eye? should i go to school?
Additional Details
only my lid ...

 I really want a hamster, but I'm allergic to cats and dogs. Will I be allergic to a hamster then?
- I get rashes around dogs and cats
- I start to weeze around dogs and cats.
- I cough around dogs and cats.
- I get watery eyes around dogs and cats....

 Can allergies be cured?

 What is the best way to have my 19 month old toddler tested for food intolerances?
My son wakes during the night with tummy pains caused by wind - which is caused by certain foods. I have tried to cut out certain foods from his diet - but I really need to confirm which foods don...

 How do u get rid of allergic reaction rashes?
i have a rash on my neck ,its real red, and my lips are broken out in blisters all from cashews....

 Is this a cold or just a runny nose?
i woke up this morning with a bit of a scratchy throat. At work in the morining my nose started to run and i was feeling a bit congested i had to keep sniffing or blowing my nose. I was sneezing ...

 Do you cough when you have allergies acting up?

 Does running a humidifier in summer make allergies worse?

 Hey, I have bad allergies but dont know what to do!!??
I have had the worst allergies anyone could ever try surviving with. I have tried so much differnt medication that is not working. (such as: Clarytin, Dallergy Jr, Sudafed + Benedrill, and others.) I ...

 How come every time i smoke a cigarette, i get light-headed and sometimes my hands get cold,whys that???

 I constantly keep having mucus coming out of my mouth?
I have a allergy and i have been having allergys a few times last month and a cold, i would say last month was a really bad month for me. I have this mucus problem along with my allergy and for some ...

 Allergy Question?
When I was younger I had surgery and they put a muscal relaxer on me. I ended up being on a temporary respirator for five hours I was told I was allergic to the medication. But I do not know the name ...

 Can allergies develop late?
I have a specific example. Could a math professor that has been using chalk for all of his life suddenly develop a reaction to it?...

 I have always been allergic to milk. what happens now ???
Just as I said, I am 37 years old and allergic to mild (not lactose intollerant, allergic to milk). I have been allergic since birth. I am now learning that I have arthritis. Is it too early to ask ...

 I think I'm allergic to fruit...?
I have no problem eating canned, dried, frozen or cooked fruit. But when I eat fresh fruit my mouth and throat feel itchy and it stays that way for a few hours. I even tried to eat an apple twice ...

 Whats causes an asthma attack?
what causes an asthma attack?...

 How do you cure commom cold through homemade recipes, and not medicines?

 Anyone else allergic to PINEAPPLE?
When I was younger, my mouth & tongue burned slightly if I ate raw pineapple or drank the juice, but I never knew that wasn't supposed to happen so it didn't seem "wrong". By ...

Stuffed up nose!!! I NEED HELP!!?
I have a really bad cold and my nose is all stuffed up! Ughh I can't breathe and I'm restless. It's soo frustrating!!!!!! Is there any home remedies to make my nose un-stuffed? HELP ME!!

Viks is always good.or
Try hot tea and breath in the warm vapors (steam ) from the tea.
if you rub the sides of your nose (outward motion) you can feel your sinus passages opening a bit, which might help them.. Hard to describe on here what I mean but it really does work..

Walmart carries "12 hour nasal decongestant" spray made by a company called Healthy Generations. Follow the instructions exactly, very important. After about 10 minutes your sinuses will open and wow! You can breathe easily thru your nose and even sleep.

answer master
No matter how bad it gets,,,,,,,,,,,,,,DON"T USE AFRIN!!!!!!! very addictive

Olbas oil is very good. Sprinkle some onto a tissue and inhale. You can also try steam inhalant of Olbus oil. Caution...............do not use decongestant for more than three days.

Get a vaporizer and put the appropriate medication in it. Or get in a warm steaming shower, which will loosen up that "stuff", and after that put some Vicks Vaporub under your nose and chin and on your chest. Keep warm and get plenty of rest.

vicks rub

Also try an ice pack on your forehead and eyebrows for about 10 min and see if that helps.

Echinacea Tea helps me. with honey.

Try Vicks Vapo-Rub on your chest or upper lip. It should clear it right out!!! Good Luck ^_^

Shelty K
Place vicks in hot water an put a towel over your head and use as an inhalant. If you don't have Vicks then try using Eucalyptus oil.
An old recipe that works is a substance called Frairs Balsm But i have not seen it around for some time.
If none of the above then even the hot water will help relieve your stuffiness

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